How about launching a new Thanksgiving tradition in Wisconsin?

Even if there wasn’t turkey on the tables for the very first autumn celebration, what we have come to know as Thanksgiving, we certainly eat breasts and drumsticks aplenty now.

We should not forget there is another goings-on during Thanksgiving week, too – the nine-day gun deer season.

A couple of free fishing weekends, one in January and one in June, have caught on big time.

Putting a few of those items together, what can we come up with?

Each November, or earlier, we read news releases hyping some of the deer season traditions. With some traditions, unfortunately, we’re a few years late and a whole lot of hunters are hanging it all up, too. Maybe we can pull a few hunters back into the fold. And let’s not be responsible for losing more, either.

Let’s consider starting a tradition of having a turkey day in the woods on Thanksgiving Day by allowing hunters of all ages to hunt turkeys on Thanksgiving Day.

No stamp, license, tag, authorization, just a gun deer or small game license and follow regular rules just as the kids do during free fishing weekend.  Of course we’d want them to register their bird.

Fall turkey hunting has become something of a bust with a low participation rate. The population in most zones could certainly accommodate the removal of a few jakes, jennies, or even toms.  Successful hunters would register a kill and follow the normal fall turkey hunting rules.

Blaze orange clothing could match deer season; safety should not be a problem since most gobblers don’t have much red on them.

Let’s start a tradition; hunting for a Thanksgiving day bird.

Maybe even identify those who are hunting turkeys by issuing a backtag, which used to be done for turkey hunting.  Really, that was the case at one time!

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