Acknowledge what is here in Wisconsin and help maintain those natural resources and opportunities 

Wisconsin is known as a destination location to gather numerous wild things, whether it be flora or fauna.  Sometimes so designated by ranking; other times simply by numbers and enthusiasm with which people come here to spear lake sturgeon, shoot deer, flush ruffed grouse, train dogs, view prairie chickens and enjoy the autumn scenery.

All too often some take these resources for granted; or worse, believe it to be theirs alone.

But there’s more to do than admire and walk away. We must inform the biologists and politicians that we mostly like what we have. Thank them, too, or offer suggestions for minor changes.

Keep in mind, too, that seasons, bag limits and possession limits are set using scientific data, as well as social and tourist data, with science usually being front and center, carrying most weight.

We appreciate other states making accommodations for nonresidents and those guys should appreciate Wisconsin doing the same.

Because we lead or share the lead in the nation in many outdoors recreation categories, it is important to not short-change funding and protection for Wisconsin’s outdoors.

Let’s keep Wisconsin Wisconsin.

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