Coaxing the soaked wild turkeys of autumn 2019

If you’ve got a fall turkey tag and are wondering what to do during rainy weather, head to the fields and look for birds. They’ll be in the open and workable.

Some hunters believe that turkey hunting in any kind of rainy weather is a waste of time. The birds aren’t supposed to be talking, and they’ll simply hunker up and ride out the precipitation. I’ve seen that happen in true downpours in the spring and the fall, but a little bit of drizzle or a steady rain is a different story.

During either, flocks of turkeys will head to the fields. This is as true in May as it is in October, which is good news if you’re sitting on an unfilled fall tag because we’re not short on rainy days this fall.

I like to simply glass the fields during the midday to see if any flocks have moved out into the beans, picked corn, or alfalfa. Whether they head to the ag to scratch for worms or because they have a better chance of spotting predators doesn’t really matter. What’s importnat is that they are visible and you can devise a plan.

Sometimes, the best bet is to sneak as close as possible and bust up the flock. If you’ve never done this, it’s the most fun you can have with fall turkeys. Just keep your gun is unloaded and your boots tied well before you sprint like a lunatic in the general direction of a bunch of birds. If that’s not your style, try to read the flock’s direction and move ahead and set up a feeding hen decoy to call them in.

Another option: Make note of their location for a future hunt. If the birds were in the beans one day at noon during a little rain, they’ll probably come back the next time it rains. You could be there, with a blind all set up if necessary, to intercept them and talk them into shotgun range.

No matter how you look at it, consider filling the midday hours with turkey action – rain or shine! It’s more fun than it sounds, I promise.

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