Eileen Clarke Jerky Cookbook Available

Author of several wild game cookbooks, Eileen Clarke, adds to her lineup of titles with new jerky cookbook.

Stalking the Wild Jerky: More than 100 Easy-To-Follow Recipes” is the latest title from Eileen Clarke available at www.riflesandrecipes.com







We all love jerky.  But the last time you bought some at the store, did you just take a second to notice how much it cost–per pound?  Or is jerky one of those things we just close our eyes and enjoy?  I’m fine with that, I guess, up to a point.  But there’s a very deeply satisfying feeling I get when I make my own jerky, at home, in my own oven, without a lot of folderol and extra expensive gear I don’t use for anything else. It’s the same feeling I get when I pass the $25 a pound stuff in the convenience store, or the specialty stuff that costs more than my last pair of sneakers. 

            Now making it at home isn’t as fast as baking a batch of cookies, but it’s close.  Get a few good recipes you love earmarked in the book, and you can make them in your sleep–with meat that comes from your freezer, that you were going to have in there anyway, because you love to hunt.  Along the line here, it starts getting pretty darn cheap per pound to produce jerky. 

           Over 100 jerky recipes made from whitetail and mule deer, elk, antelope and moose, bear, upland and waterfowl birds and our new favorite game animal wild pig. (And the great thing about jerky is you can mix and match: don’t have bear in the freezer but want to try Dr Pepper Polish Jerky? Go ahead.  Use your whitetail buck. Red meat is red meat.  And though John jokes that waterfowl is ‘brown’ meat, red and brown meat are pretty much interchangeable—for jerky. An easy to use, spiral bound, 6×9″ book with lots of black and white how-to photos and tips for making your jerky better than ever.

Photo by Eileen Clarke







Stalking the Wild Jerky retails for $19.95.
For more on Eileen Clarke check out her bio here

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