More Wisconsin spring turkey ‘authorizations,’ please

The Wisconsin DNR still has plenty of leftover spring turkey tags for late-season hunts in some zones. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

Did poor weather, henned-up toms, bing just too busy in general, trout fishing or morel-gathering get in the way during the early turkey hunting seasons?

The easy answer is to buy a handful – or at least one – over-the-counter turkey tag (or authorization, as the DNR calls them), if they exist for the zone where you hunt.

For a mere $10 – $15 if you’re from out of state – you can be back out in the fields and forests for one of the later hunting periods now that you already have you stamp and license. Periods E and F are the most likely periods available, and in some of the southern zones, such as Zone 1, are usually heavily over-stocked.

The advantages of later periods often removes some of the hen interference, gives better camouflage protection in the way of leaf cover, and gives opportunities to stroll back to the truck looking for morels, other edible fungi and plants, and jump a fawn from the taller grass or woods weeds. Who knows, it’s possible those tiny ginseng seedlings will have emerged more than enough to pinpoint digable populations come September.

There’s plenty to see, hear and smell in a spring woods, including a tom turkey that has already developed a daily pattern now that hens are nesting.

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