Now might be a good time to reconsider some of Wisconsin’s hunting, fishing, trapping rule changes

Is it time to reconsider hunting, fishing and trapping rule changes and management policies? Sportsmen didn’t ask for a number of recent rule changes, such as allowing uncased firearms in a vehicle and no longer requiring the tagging of deer and turkeys.

With a new state administration in place, now is the time to begin asking the Natural Resources Board, Conservation Congress, DNR secretary, Assembly members and senators to consider re-examining some of the items put in place during the last eight years – and some even earlier than that.

A few of them, some of the most significant, just might have no impact on budgets. It doesn’t cost a penny to change an attitude toward the environment or the natural resources.

A good starting place would be the mood, morale, and openness of the DNR. In general, DNR personnel and sportsmen did not ask for some of these changes, such as the entire deer and turkey tagging issues and registration of big game. Throw in the gun casing law for good measure. There was no input from the common folks – and not the DNR law enforcement bureau, either.

In some ways, Wisconsin has become a poacher’s paradise.

It seems from reading brief reports that some of these issue may be ready for a re-work. Think about it: Begin with small things, things that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and then build from there.

A number of these changes not only shot down the morale of the DNR, but the hunting public as well. How could these changes have been made without input from the state’s game wardens and sportsmen?

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