St. Croix River sturgeon is largest documented fish ever caught in Minnesota [video]

It took a team effort to land the massive sturgeon.

The largest fish ever caught in Minnesota? That’s saying something. And Darren Troseth, of Jordan, now has those bragging rights.

Troseth, 45, caught a lake sturgeon measuring 78 inches (and 29.5 inches around) and weighing an estimated 120 pounds Feb. 9 while fishing on the St. Croix River near Bayport. It’s estimated that the fish is likely 60 to 70 years old.

The catch was certified by the DNR soon after, making it the largest documented fish ever caught in the state. The biggest previous catch-and-keep record was a 94-pound sturgeon, according to DNR records.

After what turned out to be a nearly hour-long battle and involved drilling more holes to widen the existing hole to accommodate the fish, Troseth released it back into the river immediately after taking the photos and measurements.

For a complete story on the catch, see the Feb. 22 issue of Minnesota Outdoor News. A video of the epic battle is below.

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