Lake sturgeon

A sturgeon-sized undertaking, but high-schoolers up to the task

Georgia high school mechatronics students build massive replica of lake sturgeon for Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute. The Lake Sturgeon is a state-endangered species in Tennessee, having almost disappeared from the river system by the 1970s. Since the formation of the Lake Sturgeon Working Group in 1998, the Aquarium and its partners have raised and released more than 220,000 juvenile Lake Sturgeon back into the species’ historic range.

Wisconsin Outdoor News’ Kristen Monroe: an introduction to lake sturgeon [video]

 When members of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers met at Lake of the Woods in far northwestern Minnesota in September, many of them caught lake sturgeon while fishing for walleyes, including Wisconsin Outdoor News’ Kristen Monroe, who was fishing them for the first time. Categories: Blog Content, Fishing, Wisconsin – Kristen Monroe, Wisconsin Videos Tags: AGLOW, Association of…