The granddaddy of all North Dakota walleyes

It may not have looked the part, at least not size-wise, but a walleye collected by a North Dakota Game and Fish Department biologist has set a “new old-age standard in walleye.”

According to a recent Facebook post by Game and Fish announcing the record, bony fish are aged by counting the growth rings on their otoliths (ear bones). This walleye, although only 25.2 inches long, is 27 years old, according to Game and Fish, beating the record of a fish caught last year by three years. It was collected by fisheries biologist Russ Kinzler during the department’s adult walleye sampling in July on Lake Sakakawea.

Kinzler says that, overall, he knows of some walleyes taken in the Missouri River System in Montana of the same age, but none older.

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