North Dakota Game and Fish Department

Lauding the work of N.D. game wardens

Many people are a little surprised and often enlightened when they visit with a North Dakota game warden and learn more about the people behind the badge. A hunter may not realize the time and resources spent in service training and administrative/safety requirements. Anglers know wardens are checking for over limits and license compliance, but the most citations are issued…

Hunter harvest surveys an important tool for Game and Fish

Anyone who has hunted in North Dakota might have received a hunter harvest survey in the mail from time to time. And right now is one of those times to watch for a survey in your email inbox. For most surveys, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department selects recipients at random, so the more people who fill out and…

‘An instant fishery’

That’s the case with a lot of the younger walleye fisheries in the state now. Still, while word of a good walleye bite can lure ice anglers from afar, when a North Dakota lake is rumored to be kicking out nice perch, off-the-beaten-path waters can turn into small towns overnight.