Five Minnesota destinations for early-ice walleyes

Minnesota’s abundance of lakes also translates into outsized opportunities to catch walleyes early in the ice season, even beyond northern Minnesota, the state’s main region of walleye-angling action. Finding good information about where to fish for early-ice walleyes can be as hands-on as driving around to check on local spots, but it can also be as simple as calling your…

A Q&A with Paul Radomski, author of new walleye book

Joe Fellegy recently chatted with DNR biologist Paul Radomski about his new book, “Walleye: A Beautiful Fish of the Dark” and related matters. Fellegy: The title of your book is, “Walleye: A Beautiful Fish of the Dark.” Walleyes are beautiful? Radomski: Tell me who hasn’t pulled up walleye through ice holes and been amazed at their vitality and vividness. I…

Pair accused of cheating in big Lake Erie walleye tourney

Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyan, who were leading both the tournament and the LEWT Team of the Year competition, were disqualified when the tournament director cut open the five fish they had entered to find that they were allegedly stuffed with eight pounds of lead weights and fillets from smaller walleyes. 

Spring walleyes: Key locations and strategies – video

The more you understand the seasonal movements of the fish you’re chasing, the more likely you’ll be able to stay on the bite. Video courtesy of Angling Buzz. Categories: Fishing, Fishing Tips, Illinois Videos, Michigan Videos, Minnesota Videos, New York Videos, Ohio Videos, Pennsylvania Videos, Walleye Videos, Wisconsin Videos Tags: Angling Buzz, Fishing, Walleyes

An end to trophy walleye keepers in Manitoba?

At least for anglers in the States, Manitoba is known as a premier destination for trophy-sized walleyes. A proposed regs change wouldn’t change that, but down the road, those anglers may not be able to keep trophy walleyes caught in Manitoba waters. For the complete story, click here. Tags: Fishing, Walleyes

Angling Buzz video: power-corking walleyes

During mid-summer, when walleyes move deep, one of the most effective ways to target them is by power-corking. Now, I have caught a tremendous number of different fish species on floats everything from salmon, trout, walleyes, muskies northern pike, catfish, and panfish. I mean, live bait under a float works for all different fish species, but one place it can really shine…

Lake of the Woods walleye population in danger?

(Lake of the Woods Tourism)Walleyes in trouble on Lake of the Woods? How can that be? Well, that’s the word, at least on the Ontario side of the big lake. Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has revealed that the Lake of the Woods walleye population is in danger and that its current fisheries are not sustainable, spelling serious…

Observation of walleye egg take operations closed to public [video]

Biologists with the Minnesota DNR will collect walleye eggs this spring; however, social distancing requirements mean this popular springtime activity will not be open for public viewing this year. Hatcheries, the destination for the eggs collected, also remain closed to the public. “Egg take operations are neat things to watch,” said Henry Drewes, northwest region fisheries supervisor. “But the closeness…