An Illinois angler’s spring ‘go-to’ baits

(Photo courtesy of Vexilar)

Even though Mother Nature doesn’t seem to want to give up its grasp on winter, we need to realize that it really is spring out there. The nights are cold and the days are finally starting to get warmer, and this is a sign that we should be getting ready for some good fishing in the weeks to come.

I wanted to touch on a thought that many anglers seem to have and often tend to have a strong opinion on – what is the best bait to use in the spring if you are chasing the ever-popular and prevalent bass.

We all have our opinions as to what bait should be tied to the end of our line, and all too often we are stuck in our ways.

There are really two that top my list – a simple jig and twister, and a crankbait.

These are two baits that no angler should be without. Read the upcoming issue of Illinois Outdoor News to see why I feel so strongly about these two baits.

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