No Yellowstone grizzly hunt for Montana this year

Montana will not hold a grizzly bear hunt in Yellowstone National Park this year to avoid complicating legal battles over federal protections for the animals, state officials said.

The federal government last year scrapped Endangered Species Act protections for around 700 grizzlies in the region of the park. Several lawsuits have challenged that decision.

A hunt would have divided quotas among three states, with an allowance of six males and one female bear in Montana.

On Thursday, Feb. 15, Montana wildlife commissioners voted unanimously against a hunt, though the decision doesn’t mean that the state won’t hold one in the future or that a hunt won’t be held in other states.

Commissioners said killing some of the bears would only lend credence to lawsuits brought by environmental and Native American groups seeking to restore federal protections.

— Greenwire

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