Wisconsin Outdoor News Fishing Report – Nov. 3, 2017


Suckers drifted on the weed edges has triggered muskies on the Apple River, Bone Lake, Deer Lake, and Lake Wapogasset. The shorelines on North Twin Lake are producing crappies and walleyes after dark. Minnows are turning walleyes in 12 to 16 feet at Half Moon Lake, Pike Lake, and Wapogasset as well. Good numbers of geese and a few ducks are being shot, bucks are rutting, and most hunter reports indicate good numbers of grouse and pheasants being seen.

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Fall is definitely here. There should also be some good mud lines forming up out in the lake off of the river mouths for those looking to troll. Fishing the edges of those mud lines can be productive. Some of the best trolling of the year is here, and it’s also some of the easiest fishing. Planer boards, or flat line trolling is most productive. Fish have been caught in the 15- to 20-foot range by trolling lures 5 to 10 feet down. Some days the fish are out over deeper water, but still high.

On light tackle, the fishing has been great for near-shore trout right up in the rocks. Throwing spoons, X-Raps, or soft jerkbaits has put splake, browns, and a few steelhead in the boat.

Smallmouth fishing is getting better, but its cooling down a little bit every day. Look for schooling fish near deep breaks, rocks, or places of current.

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Suckers are producing a few muskies on the 15-foot weed edges of Bone Lake, Rice Lake, and Big Sand Lake. Look to Upper Turtle Lake with minnows for walleyes in 15 feet and to Big Round Lake for bluegills in 4 to 6 feet. Bowhunters have noticed that bucks have really started to move, while waterfowl hunters are shooting geese, woodies and mallards.

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Perch fishing has been excellent as of late and should just continue to stay hot even as the weather cools. The best areas have been Little Sturgeon, Riley’s Bay, Sawyer Harbor, the flats and the Sturgeon Bay ship canal. Minnows and crawler pieces have been the best baits, but soon it will be all minnows

Pike fishing has been fantastic in all of the same areas as the perch, for obvious reasons. Trolling and casting crankbaits, spoons, plastics, spinnerbaits and large suckers are all working well.

There are still some salmon cruising around, along with a pretty decent batch of brown trout. Try the Sturgeon Bay ship canal, the Ahnapee River, Bailey’s Harbor, Sister Bay, and Egg Harbor, just to name a few spots.

Walleye fishing is picking up at night, as it usually does this time of year. Henderson’s Point, Sherwood Point, Potowatami State Park and Larson’s Reef are all good spots.

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The rut recently started, so drive carefully. Bowhunters have been hitting the woods hard, and with decent success. Leaves are off the trees now, so sight lines are much improved.

Walleye fishing has been good. The fishing has been excellent on the Eagle River Chain, with the fish now in deeper water and in or near the holes. This is an annual fall pattern, and usually brings the best walleye fishing of the years. Jigs and minnows work best, but half crawlers are still producing. All you need is a map to locate the holes and you’re in business. Fish the edges first, and then move towards the center of those holes for best action. Catfish Lake and Eagle Lake produce very well this time of year.

On the larger lakes, look for hard bottom edges right off the weeds as deep as 30 feet for great action. Jigs and larger chubs or suckers work best now.

Bass action remains good, with largemouth bass still hitting well in the weeds. They have moved a little deeper as the shoreline weeds have died off but are still feeding with gusto. Smallies are deeper, but still hitting.

Muskie action had been slowed by that warm spell as the water temps went back up four to five degrees, but at this time of the year they respond to falling water temps very well. Cold weather will improve things quick.

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Northern pike action has been good. Trolling in deeper water for suspended fish with crankbaits has been producing the best bite. Muskie action has been improving. There have been several nice catches over the past week or so. The biggest one that was reported measured 49 inches. Fishermen are reporting a lot more follows than hits.

Grouse season is picking up here in Florence County, although hunters are reporting better numbers of birds in Marinette County. Archery season has been slow. Cooler weather should make the deer more active.

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The unfavorable weather kept anglers off the water last week. Most anglers reported targeting yellow perch and walleyes, but with little luck. Duck hunters are having a better time of it. They’re doing well on Green Bay and surrounding waters.

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Late fall is the time for big muskies and the fish are starting to up their game. Rubber baits such as Bull Dawgs work well, but this is when suckers really shine. Run them on quick-strike rigs off the back of the boat, with or without a bobber, while casting and retrieving rubber baits near the sucker for a double temptation.

Walleye fishing is good to very good, primarily in deep holes, on points and bar edges, breaklines, and over hard bottoms with rock and gravel. Jigs and minnows work well, with some anglers still using crawlers, and others trolling crankbaits.

Northern pike fishing is good, though most catches are by anglers fishing for other species. Work the weeds with suckers, spinnerbaits, bucktails, and swim baits.

Smallmouth action is very good on cribs, breaklines, and humps. Use large minnows and suckers on jigs, or try plastics and drop-shot rigs.

Crappie fishing is good along deeper weed edges.

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A jig and minnow is producing walleyes and sauger below the dams on the Mississippi River. Most anglers are working the current seams in 4 to 18 feet. Duck hunting has improved and there have been some canvasback and ringnecks moving through the area.

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In Sheboygan County, fishing pressure was low throughout the week, likely due to windy and rainy weather conditions. Anglers fishing on the Sheboygan River reported most of the success. Several Chinook salmon, cohos, and a couple of brown trout were caught on the Sheboygan River on skein and flies. The water levels of the Pigeon River and Sheboygan River remain a little high from the rain. The piers were often closed last week due to windy weather conditions.

In Ozaukee County, anglers saw similar conditions as Sheboygan County, with fishing pressure low during the week. More anglers were present over the weekend, but saw limited success. Some Chinook salmon were caught on flies and spoons. The water level rose about an inch due to the rain. A couple of brown trout, one rainbow trout, and one Chinook salmon were caught off the utility area. The Chinook weighed 21 pounds. All anglers were fishing with spawn sacs.

In Racine County, only a few anglers were fishing last week. Anglers caught a few king salmon on skein under a bobber in the harbor. The Root River was flowing at 154 cubic feet per second. Water clarity has decreased to about 8 inches. Fishing has improved for anglers since the water flows have increased from the rain. Most anglers are concentrating their efforts below the steelhead facility, but more anglers fished at the Horlick dam, with a few anglers at Quarry Lake Park and at Lincoln Park. A few anglers caught some king salmon on red, chartreuse, and orange yarn eggs. They were also caught on dark Wooly Buggers. Most of the fish at Lincoln Park were caught on egg flies and Wooly Buggers. A few anglers were able to catch their limit. No anglers reported catching any fish off of the beach near the Pike River mouth.

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Duck hunting and archery deer hunting has been very good lately. The interest in fishing has slowed down, although a number of white bass and walleyes are willing to be caught. There have also been some perch caught from Asylum Bay.

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Guys are still doing well on smallmouth bass on Lake Mendota, and they are also catching some small walleyes on the bars. There has been some pike action, but mostly for smaller fish. Meanwhile, muskie fishermen were doing OK on lakes Waubesa and Monona. Some anglers are finding bluegill and perch action on Waubesa and Kegonsa. The perch seem to be closer to the weeds on both lakes.

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The Menominee River has been producing some walleyes between Stephenson Island and the Hattie Street dam. Live bait and plastics are both producing good results. Chinook salmon, brown trout and light numbers of steelhead are also in the river. Deer hunting has been fair, but bucks are starting to rut. Waterfowl hunting has been best on the cool, wet, windy days. Grouse and woodcock hunting has been fair. Leaves are late to fall.

In Oconto County, some bluegills and crappies were being caught below the dam at Stiles on the Oconto River down to the Iron Bridge. Live bait and slip bobbers have been working well; fly anglers report catching a few browns and pinks in the same area using nymphs and streamers. Fishing has slowed some at the mouth of the Oconto River, with only a few smallmouths, sheepshead, and perch being caught there. Live bait and plastics are being used. Fishing for perch and walleyes has been slow to fair depending on the weather, with walleyes being caught in 10 to 30 feet of water. The perch have been scattered.

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Muskies: Fair (good if you caught one). Anglers are reporting odd bites (or no bites) with many muskies mauling suckers, but not taking them. There have been reports of follows on twitch baits and jointed crankbaits, but with few takers. Sucker action has been modest. Anglers are seeing a nicer average size, but not a lot of action.

Walleyes: Poor to great!? A tough weekend was followed by incredible Monday, with too many “over” fish from 20 to 28 inches. They hit chubs – redtails if you can find them – in 22 to 28 feet on light jigs or split-shot and No. 2 colored hooks.

Crappies: Fair. Deep wood with medium fatheads is the best.

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Things have been a little quiet on the hunting and fishing front, with most anglers going out after muskies and walleyes. They haven’t been having much luck, though. Grouse hunters are doing well. They’re finding birds in the best cover types – look for aspen regeneration in clearcuts that are 5 to 20 years old. Archery deer hunters have reported an increase in deer movement as the rut gets closer.

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There’s some evening walleye action with minnows on Shell Lake and Long Lake in less than 14 feet. Large suckers are producing muskies throughout the Trego Flowage, but panfish reports have been minimal. Archery hunters are doing well, while other hunting reports have been light.

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Walleyes are hitting minnows in 6 feet at Boulder Lake and Island Lake. Work the Highbanks area on Fish Lake for crappies in 12 feet, while large Suckers are producing muskies at Island and the St. Louis River in 5 to 10 feet. Grouse hunting reports have improved quite a bit over the past week now that the leaves are down.

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