North Dakota city mulls options to reduce over-populated wildlife

MINOT, N.D. — Minot City Council’s Animal Nuisance Committee is considering ways to reduce over-populated wildlife to tolerable levels as determined by the community.

“People are literally getting run out of the parks and they don’t want to come back to golf,” Park Board member Chuck Emery said.

Diann Briggs, a Minot resident and Rainbow Gardens member, collected a 101 signatures on petitions to urge the city to address the deer problem. She said members won’t be gardening again until something is done about the deer.

“They are all over town. It’s not just the gardens. We have to do something all over town,” Briggs said.

At a Sept. 20 meeting with the committee, the North Dakota Game & Fish Department suggested some temporary solutions to help reduce the wildlife population, including hunting and temporary, portable fencing, the Minot Daily News reported.

North Dakota Game & Fish Outreach Biologist Greg Gullickson said more than 20 communities in the state are allowing some form of legalized hunting in the city limits. In Minot, anyone with a bow hunter’s license is able to hunt.

The committee also plans to consider drafting an ordinance prohibiting feeding wildlife. It’s focusing its attention on reducing the population of turkey, deer, geese, raccoons and rabbits.

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