Friday, January 27th, 2023
Friday, January 27th, 2023

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Reading Wisconsin deer registration online

Online viewing of deer registrations is back for another year. Kevin Wallenfang, DNR big game ecologist for bear, deer and elk, said the system will be structured exactly like it was last year.

By clicking here, hunters can find out how many deer have been registered in each management unit within each deer season. The units are mostly counties.

The 2017 version will feature weekly postings throughout the fall and winter, except for the gun deer season, which will have postings after opening weekend and the Tuesday following the closure of the nine-day season.

Unless things change.

Why not daily postings during the nine-day season?

The DNR could do it more frequently. During the intense nine-day gun season, more frequent reporting could, and has, led to having numerous registration deadline totals referred to by the media, depending on when a reporter, or hunter, looked at the charts.

This way (weekly), there will be one set of numbers on Tuesday following opening weekend and another set after the season has closed.

During the early seasons, most posting will be refreshed on Mondays.

Each season will have its own chart, divided by county. Archery will be split into an archery season and a crossbow season, as it was since the crossbow season came into the picture.

The drop-down charts allow hunters to find the county, within the zone, where they hunt or where they are interested in the data.

The bottom of each chart lists totals for that season.

Totals for some past years appear on the same pages, too. Make use of this data.

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