Early spring-like weather better for wild turkey scouting

During the winter, turkeys tend to flock up in large numbers leaving many of your hunting areas either flooded with birds or completely vacant of turkeys. With the early spring of 2016, expect the large groups of turkeys to disperse earlier and be easier to find throughout your normal hunting grounds.

Over the past few turkey seasons, we’ve had quite the variety of weather for the start of the season. One year I was trudging through two feet of snow at the beginning of the season and other years the trees were starting to bud.

When there was still snow on the ground, turkeys were in large groups making it difficult to convince that boss gobbler to stray from the pack. On warmer years hens had spread throughout their nesting areas making it easier to attract toms to seek out calls and decoys.

Minnesota’s A turkey hunt begins April 13, and now is the perfect time to scout for birds in your hunting areas. Head out to areas you plan to hunt and listen for gobblers sounding off before the sun begins to rise. You can accomplish this from quite a distance; you don’t have to see turkeys to know they are there.

Leave your hunting areas as undisturbed as possible: Don’t go stomping through all the areas you hunt. You just want to know that there are turkeys in the area. Their patterns will change as breeding and nesting season arrives, but at least you will know where they have been hanging out.

Good luck hunting, and stay safe!


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