No whitefish, but plenty of memories for dinner

My daughter visited a couple weeks ago and asked if we could have whitefish for dinner, but I was embarrassed to admit that I had none to offer. It had been a rough summer as far as catching whitefish goes – matter of fact for fishing, period. It seems as if I hardly got out.

But as I looked back at photos from the summer, it became obvious that although I had gotten out on the water just as much if not more than a normal year, my outdoor pursuits had changed. In the past, if I had two hours before work in the morning, I’d try to catch a few fish in that time. Lately, I’ve preferred to fill those couple hours with a simple paddle on the river.

Now, as fall came along, I did bring a shotgun on some of those paddles; but nevertheless, it’s obvious that I have not been fishing as much as I have in the past. I suppose it’s normal to see one’s outdoor pursuits change over the years, and I must say that, at least for me, fishing has always taken a back seat to hunting, anyway.

Add that to the fact that as you get older it’s just harder to cram so many outdoor pursuits into a season and, well, something has to give. This summer, a paddle took the place of a fishing rod.

My daughter still got to enjoy a whitefish dinner when she was home, but it wasn’t fish caught and cooked by her dad. In spite of that, the dinner conversation still included stories of trips outdoors, of spending time on the water enjoying everything – well, almost everything – that Mother Nature has to offer.

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