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Illinois Cuffs & Collars – July 10th, 2015

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Hoogerwerf patrolled DNR hunting properties during the spring wild turkey hunting season. Only hunters with site specific permits are allowed on the sites until the end of turkey hunting hours (1 p.m. daily). Five non-hunters were issued citations for unlawfully collecting edible fungi during an open hunting season at the site and written warnings for entering a closed area. 

CPO Hoogerwerf found an individual collecting morel mushrooms in the Hanover Bluff Nature Preserve. The Shannon man was issued a citation for unlawfully collecting edible fungi in conflict with the Natural Areas Preservation Act.

While on boat patrol on the Rock River, CPO Palumbo issued a citation and written warnings to a Dixon boat operator for operating an unnumbered watercraft with an insufficient number of wearable personal flotation devices on board.

CPO Palumbo issued written warnings to a Dixon boat operator for operating a motorboat with a fire extinguisher that was not in serviceable condition and for not having a throwable personal flotation device on board.

CPOs Francisko and Posateri were on a boat patrol of the Mississippi River near Hampton. Several fishermen were checked at Lock and Dam No. 14. An East Moline man was found to be fishing without a fishing license. The subject was issued a citation for fishing without a fishing license. He was also found to be wanted on a valid warrant for his arrest in Rock Island County. The subject was transported to Rock Island County jail without incident.

While conducting fishing license compliance checks, CPO Schoonhoven arrested a subject for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.

CPO Alt assisted the Belvidere Police Department in completing surface searches for a missing person on the Rock River in Winnebago County by boat. The missing person is a murder suspect who went missing in January.

CPO Thompson located a white Dodge truck on Freeman United Coal Mine property. Approximately one hour later a male subject emerged from the woods with a bag of mushrooms. One citation was issued.

CPO Gerard and CPO Lazzell cited four individuals for operating ATVs on private property without permission of the landowner.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

Acting on an anonymous tip, CPO Mieure located a small marijuana grow near the Will/Kankakee line. The marijuana plants were removed and destroyed and the case was turned over to the Sheriff’s Office.

CPO Honiotes conducted a HazMat investigation on the backwaters of the Des Plaines River. A naturalist had discovered a black tar-like substance below the surface of the water. An area of approximately 200 foot by 30 foot shows signs of pollution. An investigation is ongoing.

CPO Whitchurch was on patrol enforcing recreational boating laws when he observed a young child sitting in the front of the boat while the boat was underway. The child was observed not wearing a personal flotation device. CPO Whitchurch conducted a boat safety inspection. It was learned the child was only 9 years of age. There was not an appropriate size personal flotation device on board the boat for the child. CPO Whitchurch informed the adult operating the boat about personal flotation device laws. The adult was issued a citation for unlawful operation of a watercraft without having a child under the age of 13 wearing a personal flotation device.

CPO Whitchurch was on foot patrol enforcing sport fishing regulations at a Cook County Lake. CPO Whitchurch observed several subjects fishing. When one of the subjects CPO Whitchurch observed fishing noticed CPO Whitchurch, he immediately grabbed a bucket which had a fish flopping around inside of it. CPO Whitchurch made contact with the subject before he made the entire walk over to the water’s edge. CPO Whitchurch observed a smaller sized largemouth bass inside the bucket. The subject who possessed the fish informed CPO Whitchurch he thought the fish was smaller thanthe14inchminimumrequiredlengthlimitforbassonthesitespecificlakeinwhichhewasfishing. CPO Whitchurch measured the fish and the length was 12.5 inches long. The subject was issued a citation for possessing the short bass after he caught it.

CPO Whitchurch was on patrol when he observed two subjects fishing from a boat. Contact was made with the subjects and a boat safety inspection was competed. The operator of the boat did not possess a valid water usage stamp. CPO Whitchurch also observed there was only one wearable personal flotation device onboard the boat, but there were two occupants. CPO Whitchurch informed the operator of the boat about all applicable boating laws. The operator was issued a citation for unlawful operation of a watercraft without having wearable personal floatation devices on board for every person.

CPO Farber issued a Westmont man fishing in the Des Plaines River two citations and one written warning for failure to immediately release short fish. The subject had three Northern Pike on a stringer. All Northern Pike taken in Illinois must be at least 24 inches in total length or longer, except in the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. After placing all fish on a measuring device it was discovered that the three Northern Pike were in the protected slot limit set by the State of Illinois. The fish measured 21 inches, 22.5 inches and 23.25 inches. All fish were released alive. The subject claimed he kept the fish to take a picture for his friend.

While conducting boat and fishing checks at Waukegan Harbor, CPO Vaughan and CPO Semenik observed a boat violating the no wake zone in the north harbor basin. A boat inspection was completed. The operator was a new boat owner and the following violations were noted: Violation of no wake zone, unlawful operation of boat without any wearable PFDs, unlawful operation of a motor boat without a fire extinguisher, unlawful operation of motor boat without battery cover, unlawful operation of boat without a sounding device, unlawful operation of boat without a throwable PFD and unlawful operation of boat without a visual distress signal on Lake Michigan. Two citations, five written warnings, and a handwritten list of all necessary equipment were issued.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPOs Moody and Barnes cited a Plainfield woman for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis. The woman was fishing with her 17-year-old son and his friend along the bank of Lake Shelbyville at the Slaughterhouse West Access. The woman was allowing her 17-year-old son and his 17-year-old friend to drink alcohol as well. Her son was also found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis. The two boys were referred to the Moultrie County Juvenile State’s Attorney for possible juvenile charges.

CPO Wright was working with a Decatur detective on a Rat Pack detail when they observed a vehicle leave a known drug house. They followed the individual and observed that he did not use a turn signal and initiated a traffic stop. During the traffic stop multiple needles were found in the vehicle with heroin residue inside them. The Effingham man was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and heroin.

CPO Wright and the Decatur detective, working the same detail, observed another vehicle leave another drug house and saw the vehicle cross multiple lanes without signaling. During the traffic stop the Decatur man was found to be wanted on a warrant for burglary. A K-9 alerted on the vehicle for the presence of drugs. The vehicle was searched, but no drugs were found. After nothing was found in the vehicle, the Decatur man admitted that he did have marijuana in his rectum. The man was arrested on the warrant and for the cannabis.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Liebl was contacted by Sgt. Manker about a possible vehicle in a Sparta Lake. A stolen truck had been recovered the day before out of the lake and the divers thought they could feel another vehicle under it. With the use of sonar, it was found that there was not another vehicle under the truck. However, a second vehicle and a sunken boat were located further out in the lake. The vehicle, which was found to also be stolen, was removed a few days later. The boat was unable to be recovered. Sparta Police Department is handling the stolen vehicle investigation. CPO Wheatley investigated a boat accident in Bear Creek Chute of the Mississippi River north of Quincy. An elderly subject fell overboard and drowned. CPOs Wheatley, Blakeley, Blazinic, Myers, Drone, and Wichern assisted in the search for the subject.

CPO Goetten checked two fishermen at the Alton Dam. During the check he located a pipe and a bag of cannabis. The subject was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis, and not having a fishing license.

While working a boating and commercial fishing detail on the Illinois River, CPOs Wichern and Blakeley located two unlicensed hoop nets containing dead and morbid fishturtles south of Beardstown. The nets were seized and the remaining live aquatic life was released. The commercial fisherman was located and charged with operating unlicensed commercial devices and warned for failing to check his gear every 72 hours.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Vasicek located two young men who were snagging below the Kinkaid Lake spillway. One subject was 16 and one was 17, and neither had a fishing license. Vasicek had a discussion with the youths about the laws and issued them each two written warnings.

CPO Thompson responded to a complaint of an injured Canada goose at SIU’s Campus Lake. The goose appeared to have fishing line around one of its legs. The goose was impeded, but could still walk, swim and fly, so CPO Thompson decided to leave the goose alone.

CPO Vasicek assisted a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Officer and a team of biologists from Maryland with the recovery of three immature whooping cranes that were separated from their flock during the winter migration and didn’t know the way back to the breeding area. With less than 600 remaining worldwide, whooping cranes are considered a critically important endangered species. The two-person recovery team who had taken part in the rearing and migration of the cranes with the aid of an ultra-light aircraft were able to capture all three birds which will be transported via truck to Wisconsin where they will reunite with their flock. 

CPO Jourdan issued a written warning to a subject in the Rend Lake Resort Cove for violating the wake zone. A large group rented the resort’s pontoon boats and they were operating them on plane in the cove.  Jourdan met with resort staff after the warning was issued and gave recommendations on how to explain operation within a no wake area.

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