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Pennsylvania Cuffs & Collars – March 13th, 2015

From the Game Commission

• Clarion County WCO Steven J. Ace reports that, with help from an angry landowner, he was able to track down and arrest an individual for a poaching incident that occurred in the Sligo area this past October. The individual used a rifle to shoot a spike buck from the road after locating it with a vehicle. The final disposition on the case has just occurred, and the individual involved was found guilty of the charges. His total financial responsibility was $1,390.75 and the loss of hunting privileges for three years.
• Crawford County WCO Randy R. Crago reports that two Centerville men pleaded guilty for illegally killing a deer. The two men killed a doe and decided it was too small to “waste” a tag on.
• Erie County WCO Michael A. Girosky reports an individual was prosecuted for hunting over bait in the late archery season. The person was spotlighting with a bow and arrows one evening, and was found hunting over bait with a bow and arrows, and a semi-automatic handgun without a permit.
• Venango County WCO Ronda J. Bimber reports that two individuals were stopped for riding on state game lands. Their fines will range from $100 to $200, plus court costs. 
• Warren County WCO Jason R. Amory reports that a Corry man has been successfully prosecuted before Magisterial District Judge Arthur Zerbe, of Youngsville, for harvesting an antlered deer, then removing the tag and attempting to place it on a second antlered deer killed on the first day of the rifle deer season. The man was sentenced to pay fines, court costs, replacement fees, and could face hunting license revocation over the matter.

From the Game Commission

• Allegheny County WCO Dan Puhala reports that a local man was recently found guilty at a summary trial for killing a second antlered deer during this past hunting season. With the increased penalties for poaching, the hunter was assessed $2,300 in fines and replacement costs and faces up to three years revocation of his hunting privileges.
• Beaver County WCO Matt Kramer reports that the bald eagle nests in western Allegheny and southern Beaver counties have been a hub of activity in the last few weeks. Eagles have been spotted at the nest doing prep work for egg laying. The eagles continue to bring sticks and grasses to the nest in preparation for the arrival of eggs. In addition, what are believed to be last year’s eaglets also have been spotted in the area.
• Indiana County WCO Nathaniel Kimmel said a report was received in January of a freshly killed button buck, with the hind quarters and back straps removed. Footprints from the site led to the driveway of the culprit. The individual pleaded guilty to unlawfully taking a deer in a closed season and was fined $1,000 and will lose his hunting privileges for up to three years.
• Indiana County WCO Nathaniel  Kimmel reports that, upon transferring to the northern Indiana County district, he received reports of a safety-zone violation that had occurred during the two-week rifle deer season. Three individuals had shot too close to a house and barn, and had shot across a road, as well. Additionally, none of the individuals were reported to be wearing any fluorescent orange at the time of the incident. When interviewed, the suspects stated they shot a few deer and got too excited to think about placing safe shots. The three individuals have been charged with multiple game law violations. 
• Westmoreland County WCO Michael J. Papinchak reports a warrant was issued for an individual who failed to respond to a citation for hunting without the required orange. The person was presented with his legal options regarding the warrant and decided to plead guilty.

From the Game Commission

• Adams County WCO Cory M. Ammerman reports that an individual was found guilty of charges stemming from a DUI vehicle accident in Michaux State Forest. In another case, an individual was charged with unlawfully taking a white-tailed deer and purchasing a license without having taken Hunter-Trapper Education. The defendant has pleaded not guilty and has requested a trial.
• Adams County WCO Darren David reports that a search warrant was served on a residence based on evidence that the owner’s 13-year-old son had killed an 8-point buck. He did so, not only without any hunting license, but without ever having attended a required Hunter-Trapper Education course. Also, it was discovered that the father had also killed a nice buck, and it was never tagged or reported as a harvest. As a result, both sets of antlers were seized. In this case, only the adult will be facing multiple charges.
• York County WCO Kyle Jury reports that most charges from the regular firearms deer season have been adjudicated in the northern York County area. During the course of the season, several unlawful deer were confiscated. Jury also reports that recent investigations in the district include several furtaking violations in Warrington and East Manchester townships. Each case involved several traps that were not properly marked with an ID tag, as required by law. 
• Fulton County WCO Justin Klugh reports that a coyote hunter was cited for having a loaded firearm propped up against his vehicle.
• York County WCO Steve Knickel reports that a poaching case from October 2014 has recently been closed after a court hearing. The case ended with three individuals pleading to 28 charges totaling just under $10,000. The individuals will lose all hunting and trapping privileges until the late 2020s.
• Huntingdon County WCO Rick Macklem reports that he has received a warrant for an individual who failed to respond to a citation that he received for failing to tag his deer.
• Mifflin County WCO Jeff Mock reports that a Mifflin County man is facing charges for the unlawful taking of a deer. An investigation revealed that the deer, a yearling buck, was killed just before kickoff of the Super Bowl.
• York County WCO Shawn Musser reports there has been a significant increase in arrests being made for persons not to possess firearms. 
• Cumberland County WCO Timothy Wenrich reports that two men recently pleaded guilty to possessing controlled substances and paraphernalia on State Game Land 170. 
• Cumberland County WCO Timothy Wenrich reports violations of high-risk cervid parts being transported outside of Disease Management Area 1. 
• Bedford County WCO Salvadore Zaffuto reports a Clearville resident pleaded guilty to shooting and killing a deer from inside his vehicle while also shooting into a safety zone. Multiple citations were issued, and the individual was charged with $1,100 in fines and $800 in restitution for the deer.

From the Game Commission

• Susquehanna County WCO Mike Webb reports that, while on patrol at State Game Land 175 in New Milford Township, he encountered a hunter who said his beagle was shot and killed by another hunter while it was chasing a rabbit. The shooter fled the area, and the dog owner was unable to get any descriptions of the person or their vehicle. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Game Commission Northeast Regional Office at 570-675-1143.     

From the Game Commission

• Lancaster County WCO Greg Graham reports that game lands violations continue, despite the Arctic weather. Unlawful vehicle operation, disorderly conduct and alcohol/drug activities have been encountered. Citations have been filed.
• Lancaster County WCO Greg Graham reports that recent magisterial district court proceedings have resulted in numerous individuals being found guilty of possession of unlawfully taken deer, drug/alcohol possession, safety zone, damage to property and unlawful sale of wildlife. 
• Philadelphia and Delaware counties WCO Jerrold W. Czech Jr. reports that, while on patrol with DWCO William Cosenza during the late firearms season, they received a call with information on a deer taken unlawfully during the closed season. Chargers are pending for taking a trophy-class deer out of season, shooting on or across public highway, recklessly endangering another person, wanton waste and unlawful devices. 

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