Sling bow creator suing DNR

John “Chief A.J.” Huffer, who has been featured in Illinois Outdoor News for his invention of the "sling bow," is suing DNR, which refuses to allow Huffer's device to be used for deer hunting in the state.

The modified slingshot can shoot 28-inch-long arrows.

Huffer, of Tuscola, is an American Indian. He has filed a $5 million federal lawsuit accusing DNR director Marc Miller and his department of racial discrimination.

Huffer stated that DNR has tried to claim the slingshot doesn't have the power necessary to qualify as a humane hunting weapon for big game. He claims the racial discrimination is based on the fact  DNR has not required other bow manufacturers to meet the performance requirements it is requiring of the sling bow.

Read more about the case in the July 25 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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