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On Saturday I have arranged to give some flycasting and basic flyfishing lessons to a family of four at a local northern Ohio trout club. It was easy to say “yes” to this labor-of-love request and in a way I’m going to tell the world about it.

That is because by happy coincidence Saturday – June 7 – is the inaugural Keep America Fishing Day. Dreamed up by the American Sportfishing Association in Alexandria, Va., the day is a global event that will be tied together via the Internet. It coincides with the close of National Fishing &Boating Week and has a goal of establishing a record for the most people fishing on one day, planetwide.

ASA, a sportfishing industry trade group, said it is working with partner fishing trade associations and sister organizations to reach anglers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Japan. These groups are promoting Keep Fishing Day to their members and audiences to rally anglers around the world.

A Web site has been set up,, and that is where you can report the number of anglers that you took fishing on Saturday. You also can e-mail the event coordinator at ASA, Kathy Powers, at

The Web site will have an interactive map with numbers of anglers reported in real time among other features.

A day like this could be dismissed as just another promotional event. But so-doing would mean a missed opportunity to let the world know – including our elected representatives in Washington – about the power of our numbers. American sport anglers are not only taxpayers like everyone else, they also voluntarily buy fishing licenses that fund their state fish and wildlife agencies.

The same anglers also pay federal excise taxes on fishing tackle and motorboat fuel that provides revenue back to the states for an array of aquatic habitat, fisheries, and boating access projects that ever are so sorely needed.

So help make a statement on Saturday. Engage in the pleasure of taking someone fishing and then tell the world about it on-line at That is my plan – and I’m reporting for five. It all adds up.

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