Illinois Cuffs & Collars – July 26th, 2013

Region I

A District 6 officer investigated the disappearance of two young bald eagles (eaglets). As a result of the investigation, an Oglesby man was charged with two counts of illegal taking of a bird of prey and two counts of taking a protected species and retaining it alive. The man took two eaglets from a nest site between Peru and Oglesby. The nest was visible from a main road and had become very popular with the public. During a wind storm part of the nest had fallen. An officer went out to check on the eagles. As he approached the tree, two adult eagles were up in the tree and he then found one eaglet on the ground. The eaglet raised both wings to try and scare him off. After consulting with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, it was decided the eaglet was in no danger and to leave it alone. A week later, the officer learned that there had been two eaglets and they had been taken from the area. During the investigation it was determined the Oglesby man had captured one eaglet, taken it to his residence, returned to the area and captured the second eaglet, then took it back to his residence as well. He then contacted DNR. When he talked to an officer he did not say he had captured the eaglets. The officer advised him to leave the eaglets alone. He then called a rehabilitation center who took the eaglets. Both are alive and in the hands of rehabilitators in the Chicago area. One eaglet was healthy; the other had a minor injury which is unclear if the injury was caused by the fall from the nest or as a result of eaglet being captured. The man was arrested earlier this year in Wisconsin for harassment of protected wild animals.
Two District 6 officers responded to a call of two women posing nude in Mattheissen State Park. When they arrived the group was gone. The officers decided to patrol a canyon in nearby Starved Rock State Park. As they walked to the back of the canyon they found six individuals swimming in a restricted area. As the officers observed the group looking for other violations they heard one of them say “take your tops off.” Two of the women proceeded to remove their swimsuit tops and pose while a male took their picture. The officers then confronted the group. They said they were doing a “dirty girl” photo shoot and admitted to being in Mattheissen State Park earlier. The officers informed them that the park is for families, not “dirty girl” photos. Enforcement action was taken.
Two District 6 officers were patrolling an area that had been recently vandalized. The two officers noticed an individual walking with a flashlight in an area after closing hours. The officers approached the individual undetected, turned on their flashlights, and identified themselves. The officers smelled the strong odor of burnt cannabis and saw the female attempt to quickly hide a box into her pocket. The female was camping at a nearby campsite. She was cited for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was fingerprinted and released.
A CPO received a call reference of a subject taking short bass on the Hennepin Canal at Lock 22 in Bureau County. As the CPO approached the subject, the subject dumped a bucket of fish into the canal. The subject said he was throwing the small ones back. It was later found the subject had a plastic storage container in the back of his SUV with an aerator running which contained 14 short bass. The subject tried to blame the short fish on his 12-year-old son while his son pleaded he did not keep any fish. The fish were measured, photographed and released. The subject was issued numerous citations.
A District 6 CPO cited an individual for failing to immediately release a largemouth bass that was well under the legal limit. The individual also had two undersize smallmouth bass that he claimed his kids had caught. All three fish were photographed and released alive.
Two District 6 officers were on boat patrol on the Illinois River around midnight. The officers observed hooting and hollering coming from the river. As they looked where the noise came from, they noticed two 25-foot boats chasing each other in a small circle churning up big wakes. The officers responded and had the boats go to shore. At shore it was determined that both operators had been consuming alcohol. Both operators were cited for careless operation of a watercraft. One operator was additionally arrested for operating a watercraft under the influence (BAC of .093).
Two District 6 officers arrested a male at Lake Holiday for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol. The operator was additionally cited for operating without enough personal floatation devices, without a type IV throwable device, without valid registration, and operating a boat with passengers sitting on the seatbacks.
A CPO patrolled the Hennepin Canal Parkway and Johnson Sauk Trail State Park. Three (off-road) motorcycle riders were issued citations for illegally riding motorcycles on the Hennepin Canal Parkway between Colona and Geneseo. Three citations were issued at Johnson Sauk Trail Park for fishing without a fishing license. A subject was issued a citation for taking game fish with use of a cast net at the Steel Dam in Milan on the Rock River (net was seized). Multiple other boating written warnings and citations were issued as well.
A District 1 CPO assisted in the search and recovery of a Summit man who went missing in the Rock River at Prophetstown State Park. Witnesses observed the subject wading in the river and then go under. CPOs and several other fire and law enforcement agencies searched into the night using side scan sonars and other proven methods.
A District 1 CPO issued a citation to a Chicago man for possessing an undersized smallmouth bass on the Rock River in Whiteside County. The bass was released back to the waters.
A District 1 CPO was conducting sportfishing compliance checks along the Rock River in Rock Falls. While a check was being conducted, the CPO noticed a fisherman look at him from upstream and then hastily pack up and take off in his car. The CPO finished his check and then made a traffic stop on the fisherman a few blocks away. The fisherman was a resident of Iowa who did not possess a fishing license. A citation was issued.

Region II

While conducting boat inspections on the Illinois River, a CPO arrested a subject for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. The subject refused to submit to breath testing.
A CPO arrested a subject for fishing without permission of the landowner.
A CPO is investigating a property damage boating accident that occurred on the Illinois River.
A CPO arrested four subjects for drug charges while patrolling Kankakee River State Park.
A CPO located a car parked in Kankakee River State Park after the posted closing hours. Using her K9, she tracked the subjects down to the Kankakee River where she found two of the three subjects unlawfully in possession of smallmouth bass within the restricted size limit.
While patrolling the DuPage River, CPOs were approached by two bow fishermen who had located a .25 caliber pistol in the river. The pistol was brought to the ISP crime lab for processing.

Region III

CPOs arrested an Astoria man for operation of watercraft under the influence of alcohol on Lake Shelbyville in Shelby County with a .122 BAC.
A CPO arrested a Sigel man at Wolf Creek State Park for illegal transportation of open alcohol.
A CPO responded to multiple complaints called in to the Moultrie County Sheriff’s Office of a boater operating erratically at Bo Woods boat ramp. The CPO made contact with the man and appropriate enforcement was taken.
A CPO issued three alcohol citations in restricted area beach at Wolf Creek State Park.
A CPO issued one citation for fireworks in the campground at Wolf Creek State Park.
A CPO arrested a Taylorville man for operation of watercraft under the influence of alcohol and overload of watercraft on Lake Shelbyville in Shelby County with a .146 BAC.
A CPO arrested an Effingham woman for driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving and driving on the roadway in Wolf Creek State Park. Several 911 calls were received about the woman who was extremely intoxicated and admitted to smoking cannabis, too. The woman was taken to the hospital where she provided a blood and urine sample and then to the Shelby County jail.

Region IV

CPOs assisted Brown County in searching for a 2-year-old. The father of the 2-year-old was driving a truck when it was swept off the road by rising water on a creek. The father was attempting to get his 2-year-old out of the truck when he was swept away. The toddler was recovered downstream in a flooded field.
A CPO assisted Rushville Police Department on an attempted armed robbery. The subject was attempting to rob the pharmacy in an attempt to obtain drugs. The subject committed suicide. The CPO assisted in securing the scene.
A CPO stopped an ATV for operating on the roadway. The operator was suspended.
A CPO stopped a motorcycle with an expired registration. The operator was suspended and did not have insurance.
A CPO attended a disabled veterans fishing tournament in Quincy.
While returning from an Ohio River boat patrol, a CPO observed a vehicle in front of him run through a four-way intersection where the traffic lights had malfunctioned to a flashing red stop. During the traffic stop, the driver was found to be suspended and was arrested.
A CPO was on a Rend Lake boat patrol. The CPO cited an operator for OUI. He registered a BAC of .91 percent. While the CPO was transporting his OUI to the jail, a colleague saw a pontoon boat operating in a no wake area. When the operator saw the officer, he switched places with another man on the boat. It turns out the operator was under 21 years old. He was cited for underage consumption of alcohol by a minor. Later in the evening, the sergeant arrested a man for OUI on Rend Lake. He registered a BAC of .128 percent.
A CPO conducted surveillance in Pulaski County based upon a TIPS complaint of unlawful take of white-tailed deer. The suspect is believed to have shot a young buck on June 14. The complainant reported shots fired again on June 15. The investigation is ongoing.
A CPO patrolled 55 miles of the Ohio River and Mississippi River. On June 14, he discovered a tagged hoop net on the Ohio River near Olmsted dam which appeared to have been set for at least 24 hours. After continued surveillance on the net, the net was seized as evidence for failure to attend every 72 hours. The net had not been attended for at least 96 hours and 13 dead and moribund catfish were found in the net. The investigation is ongoing.

Region V

While patrolling Saline County State Fish and Wildlife Area, a CPO observed three ATVs using the local bike trail as a jump. While the ATVs were circling into the neighboring field to make another jump over the bike trail, a stop was conducted and the ATV riders were cited for operating on the bike trail.
While on a boat patrol for Rend Lake fireworks, CPOs were addressing a Florida registered boat anchored to a pier fishing under the Route 154 bridge. The boat was impeding traffic to the south end of the lake for the firework show. During the check, it was discovered the boat owner was a Florida resident and had falsified his application obtaining an Illinois resident fishing license. Citations were issued and further investigation with the State of Florida is pending for additional charges.
A CPO checked fishermen at Dolan Lake in the Hamilton County State Fish and Wildlife Area and discovered two 11-inch largemouth bass on a stringer with catfish and bluegill. Dolan Lake has a limit of one largemouth bass which has to be 18 inches. A citation and written warning were issued.
A CPO arrested a man on Rend Lake for operating a personal watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. His alcohol concentration was registered at .16, twice the legal limit.
A CPO arrested a boat operator on the Ohio River at Rosiclare for OUI. He had children on board and his alcohol concentration registered .13 percent.
A CPO found a person suffering from a self-inflicted wound in a motor vehicle. The officer applied bandages and pressure to stop the bleeding. An ambulance transported the person to a local hospital for an evaluation.
A boat operator was circling in his own wake in a 12-foot Jon boat west of the launch ramp on Glenn O’Jones Lake at the Saline County Conservation Area while waiting on another boat to be trailered. A wave upset the boat ejecting both the operator and passenger into the water without life jackets. The 9.9 HP outboard motor was not equipped with a lanyard cutoff switch and the boat circled striking the operator and passenger. Another boater towed them to shore where EMS personnel transported them to a local hospital. A CPO is investigating the boat accident.
A boater at Rend Lake fell out of his boat during inclement weather and was rescued by the operator of a personal watercraft. The motor on the boat was equipped with an emergency cut-off switch for the engine. The lanyard cut-off device was not attached to the operator and the boat continued underway into the rock lined shore of Rend Lake Dam Road. A CPO cited the operator of the watercraft for operation of a watercraft without using the lanyard cut-off switch. The boat was recovered and returned to the owner. 

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