Illinois Cuffs & Collars – July 12th, 2013

Region I

A CPO conducted recreational boat details along the Illinois River from Starved Rock State Park to Marseilles Lock and Dam in an attempt to reduce boating accidents focusing on personal flotation device, lanyard wear, OUI, careless and reckless operation boating violations.
A CPO conducted sport fishing checks along Illinois River in Putnam County citing two individuals for sport fishing without a valid sport fishing license.
A CPO conducted park enforcement at Starved Rock State Park citing one individual for possessing alcohol in a posted no alcohol area and another for fishing in a nature preserve.
An intoxicated woman from Algonquin and an inebriated man from La Grange Park were cited after officers discovered them rolling around in the grass late, playing loud music at night at Lake Le Aqua Na State Park. The subsequent discovery of boxed wine resulted in citations.
A confused driver from Carpentersville kept incorrectly signaling and stopping in the roadway at White Pines State Park. His lack of insurance and driving violations resulted in a mandatory court appearance citations.
A CPO patrolled Lake Bracken in Knox County. A safety equipment check of a pontoon boat found the operator did not have the proper sized life jackets for the persons on board. He also had failed to transfer the registration into his name upon purchase. He was issued written warnings for the violations.
A CPO patrolled Lake McMaster at Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area. Numerous boats were checked for safety equipment and registration. Citations were issued for failure to transfer certificate of number and failure to immediately return short fish to the water (undersized walleye). Written warnings were issued for failure to display valid registration expiration decals, battery terminals not shielded and failure to immediately release short fish.

Region II

A CPO arrested a subject with a short largemouth bass while patrolling Des Plaines Conservation Area.
A CPO investigated a boating accident that occurred on the Kankakee River. A subject jumped out of a moving boat that was travelling at a speed of 20-30 mph and he struck his foot on a submerged object requiring hospitalization.
A CPO found a subject at the Chain O’ Lakes boat ramp in possession of a 12-inch largemouth bass, where a 14-inch minimum applies. The subject had an outstanding warrant from Pulaski County and was transported to Lake County Jail in Waukegan where he received his citation for the undersized fish.
CPOs were on boat patrol at Grass Lake Bridge around 9:30 p.m. after a thunderstorm. They stopped a boat for an equipment check. The operator failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for OUI. He refused BAC tests.
A 54-year-old male subject was fishing on the Fox River at the Algonquin Dam. During a license check, the subject was found to be in possession of two smallmouth bass. While conducting a conversation with the subject, a strong odor of cannabis was detected. The subject was brought back to the squad car where the odor was confirmed. When asked, the subject handed over a pipe with cannabis. The subject was arrested for possession of smallmouth during the closed season and for possession of drug paraphernalia.
As a District 2 CPO was checking fishermen at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park he observed a small largemouth bass in a fish basket belonging to a father and young daughter. The CPO measured the fish at 5 inches, explained the regulations to them, and then released the unharmed fish back into the water. The father was issued a written warning.

Region III

A CPO made an arrest of a male subject in Piatt County for driving under the influence of alcohol and prescription medication. The subject was found on the shoulder of the Interstate passed out in his vehicle while it was running. He was arrested and lodged at the Piatt County Jail.
A CPO made an arrest of a male subject in Champaign County. The subject had a no bond warrant for his arrest for violating his parole. He was also issued a citation for sport fishing without a valid license. The subject was lodged at the Champaign County Jail.

Region IV

A District 13 CPO arrested a subject in Horseshoe Lake State Park for operation of uninsured motor vehicle after the driver was stopped for speeding. The CPO was advised by the driver that she did not have any insurance and she was cited. The driver was given a written warning for speeding.
A District 13 CPO issued various written warnings in the District 13 state parks over the Memorial Day weekend holiday for various fishing infractions.
While a CPO was patrolling the Randolph County Conservation Area, a site tech informed him that a tent camper had reported a theft from the camper’s camp site. While the camper was away, someone entered his tent and stole two containers of camping gear.
A District 13 CPO was patrolling the Mississippi River and its tributaries, checking fishermen for licenses. Numerous fishermen were checked, with two citations and one warning issued for no license.
A District 13 CPO was checking a group of four fishermen on the Cahokia Diversion Canal at the Lewis and Clark Historical Site. Three of the four fishermen did not have fishing licenses. Two of the men were wanted on warrants. A District 11 state trooper was nearby and stopped by to assist. The trooper took one of the men on a $3,000 warrant for FTA (failure to appear), no insurance out of St. Clair County. The CPO arrested the other man on a no bond warrant out of Madison County for FTA theft over $300 stemming from a felony case from 2008. Both men were taken to the Madison County Jail. All three fishermen that were fishing without a license were issued citations for the offense.
A District 13 CPO was checking fishermen along the Chain of Rocks Canal when he encountered a group of Missouri fishermen fishing off the levee. Three males could be seen in the distance with long guns in their hands. After observing them with binoculars and noticing that when they shot there was no sound, it was apparent the long guns were air rifles. The males with the air guns were later found to be between 13 and 15 years old. Two adult males (relatives) were fishing away from the youths with the air guns and did not have any fishing licenses. Two other 16-year-olds were also fishing without licenses. The two adults were cited for no license and told about the laws regarding air rifles in Illinois. The 16-year-olds were verbally warned about not having fishing licenses. The juveniles with the air rifles were lectured about the dangers of and the legalities pertaining to the guns.
A CPO received a complaint from the Springfield office regarding a Montgomery County subject attempting to sell two baby squirrels on Craigslist. With the assistance of Litchfield Police Department, a plain clothes buy was set up and the individual was subsequently arrested for unlawfully taking and retaining the two live squirrels.
A District 13 CPO instructed a Hunter Safety Class at the VFW in Millstadt. There were about 100 participants and the CPO advised the class of the Hunting Regulations with a focus on staying safe in the field.
A District 13 CPO conducted several watercraft inspections and fishing licenses at Horseshoe Lake State Park. A written warning was issued to a fisherman who did not have his fishing license in his possession while fishing the lake.

Region V

A CPO reported the disposition of a Jefferson County waterfowl case involving three subjects. Back in December, three subjects killed 54 ducks on a private pond and left them to waste. All three hunters pleaded guilty to taking over the daily limit and wanton waste of ducks. Each hunter paid a $2,000 fine.
A CPO inspected a Jefferson County taxidermist and noted the following violations: expired taxidermy license, failure to maintain a log book, untagged specimens, and failure to have tags for specimens. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A CPO made an OUI arrest during a boat patrol on Rend Lake. CPOs observed a boat after sunset headed in to the South Marcum Boat Launch without bow lights. During a safety check of the boat, it was discovered the operator had purchased the boat in 2012 and had not transferred the registration. In addition, the operator appeared under the influence of alcohol. Field sobriety was conducted and the operator was placed under arrest for OUI. A breath test was requested indicating a BAC of 0.195 percent. The operator was transported to Franklin County Jail and issued several citations.
A CPO arrested an intoxicated boater on Rend Lake while on boat patrol with another CPO. The operator registered 0.21 percent, well over the 0.08 percent legal limit.
CPOs patrolled Centralia Lake in Marion County. Citations were issued for possession of short bass and possession of drug paraphernalia.
A CPO investigated a property damage boat accident at East Fork Lake. A subject was towing a boat back to the dock when an approaching boat struck them. A passenger in the boat being towed jumped out of the boat just before being struck. The operator of the striking vessel was issued a citation for careless operation.
CPOs came across an elderly man attempting to swim to a shoe floating about 50 yards from a personal watercraft. The man appeared to be struggling in the water even though he was wearing a life jacket. A young boy was sitting on the personal watercraft. The grandfather of the boy told the CPOs that he had hit a large wake and was thrown off the Sea Doo. The CPOs retrieved his shoe and transported the man back to his grandson and Sea Doo. The man was extremely exhausted and eventually caught his breath and was able to go back to his residence.
A CPO assisted Free Again, wildlife rehabilitators, in capturing an injured juvenile bald eagle at Kinkaid Lake spillway. The eagle was transported to their facility and the USFWS was notified.
A CPO patrolled 40 miles of the Ohio River and Mississippi River conducting surveillance on commercial gear. High water conditions led hampered commercial fishing activity.
A CPO received information of an individual capturing young Canada geese in Massac County and selling them. The investigation is pending.
A district sergeant assisted the Grand Tower Levee District when a 60-inch lock failed allowing water to run from the Big Muddy River onto privately owned property under the levee. A round hay bale was dumped into the hole and it was sucked through without any resistance. The Corps of Engineers was notified and rip rap was dumped into the hole eventually slowing the leak until it was under control.
A CPO arrested two subjects fishing on the bank of the Wabash River near Maunie. The CPO approached one subject as he passed a cannabis pipe to the other and was able to seize the pipe as the second subject was bringing it to his mouth. Possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis and fishing without a license summarize the charges.
A boat patrol on Rend Lake resulted in several written warnings and fishing license tickets, CPOs investigated a string of unattended fishing devices on the main body of the lake.  A CPO recovered several throw lines without name and address. Contact was made with the owner and the devices returned along with a citation.
A CPO observed a boat on McLeansboro Lake (a two pole and line only body of water) tending jugs and a 10-year-old child onboard without wearing a life jacket. Contact was made and it was determined the boat had been purchased in the spring but the registration had not been transferred. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A CPO was patrolling Forbes State Park when they observed a subject driving off the roadway. The subject was stopped and stated he had a revoked driver’s license. He had been fishing and had three catfish in the trunk, but no fishing license.

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