Even Fawns Get Scolded

Keri ButtA few days ago, after dealing with my kids’ disturbingly serious attempts to maim each other, I’d had enough. Despite my threats, nothing had worked. Then, I thought to myself, “WWDD-What would does do?” Let’s put it this way; a mama doe does not “spare the rod.” In fact, she knows that to give her fawns a promising chance at survival, she must conduct some strict parenting.

We took a ride to the deer woods. Low and behold, wouldn’t ya know that seeing a set of fawn twins could send sibling rivalry packing.

They seemed in no real hurry to escape our presence and exuded more curiosity than fear, reminding me that whitetail parenting is much like ours. Last year, I actually had one of the little stinkers follow my ATV, but it wasn’t long before his mom acting her part. I turned off the engine, watched and listened. The doe stomped twice. Hard. But the fawn wasn’t deterred. When she stomped again, this time accompanied by a sound I can’t begin to describe, it was clear that the lil’ bugger knew his mom meant business as he made a very hasty change in direction.

Does are extremely loving and protective of their fawns, but they also know the effectiveness of stern discipline when it’s necessary, and will even “spank” them with a front hoof at times. Perhaps it’s their way of saying, “As long as you’re in my house, you’ll live by my rules.” Hmmm….haven’t I heard that somewhere before?

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