Prime time fishing means targeting bass feeding hours

Terry TumaAnglers always figure naturally aggressive, “hawg” bass are on steady feeding binges, but like people, bass are not always in a mood to eat. So what’s prime time?

I works bass hard in early morning from daybreak for a few hours, when bass feed heavily, often even on a full stomach. I’ll catch them and sometimes see them with a minnow sticking out of mouth. Same thing applies during late evening hours, too.

Maximize your odds by fishing those periods at key spots, then play around with more specific locations during midday hours. Those key locations for bass throughout the summer include points, pockets, weedline areas, inside edges of big flats, and “spots on the spot” like a hole in large expanses of a weed flat.

That hole could be a mere few feet. But it’s a big magnet for these fish.

Other locations include a solid straight weed wall near a breakline. Inside turns or a bend along weed edges, say with rocks, are good, too. Weedy points are excellent, and one of my personal hidden gems is a sunken island.

And don’t forget that bass will suspend in open water during midday hours.

What about the dock thing? The best dock is one near the water’s surface, say 6 to 10 inches above water. One a couple feet higher above the surface doesn’t provide the shade and necessary cooler temperatures. A big boulder also gives shade and security.

Remember to cast past fish locations then work it toward the key structure. Always look for new spots on your favorite lake. It’s amazing what you can find. Bass will be in heavy weed growth because of fishing pressure, cooler temps, and ample food sources.

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