Illinois Cuffs & Collars – June 28th, 2013

Region I

Two District 6 CPOs were checking anglers in western Winnebago County when they approached three men along the river bank. During the inspection of their fishing licenses and driver’s licenses, the CPOs discovered two men were 21 years of age and the third man was 19 years old. Alcoholic beverages were discovered at the scene. During the investigation, the CPOs established the 19-year-old had consumed alcohol and determined that a 21-year-old man had allowed the underage man to consume the alcohol. The 19-year-old was charged with possession/consumption of alcohol by a minor. The 21-year-old was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
A District 1 CPO cited an Addison man for being in possession of a short smallmouth bass on the Rock River in Whiteside County during the catch-and-release-only season. The bass were released back to the waters.
A District 1 CPO issued citations and written warnings to two Chicago men for being in possession of short smallmouth bass during the catch-and-release-only season on the Rock River in Whiteside County. The bass were released back to the waters.
As the result of a TIPS complaint and three days of surveillance and investigations, a District 1 CPO issued multiple citations to three Chicago men for being in possession of short smallmouth bass during the catch-and-release-only season on the Rock River in Whiteside County. All but a few of the bass were released back to the waters.
Appropriate enforcement action was taken on a Rock Falls youth for taking bluegills with a cast net and having no fishing license at the mouth of the Hennepin Feeder Canal. All fish were released back to the waters.
A CPO completed watercraft safety inspections on the Rock River in Winnebago County. Violations detected included: four fishing without fishing license(s), registration display violation, and battery terminal violation.
While conducting fishing compliance checks on the Apple River in Jo Daviess County, a District 1 CPO found three individuals possessing smallmouth bass during the closed season. Citations were issued.
While conducting fishing compliance checks on an association lake in Jo Daviess County, a District 1 CPO found a Chicago fisherman to be fishing without a valid sport fishing license. A citation was issued.
A District 1 CPO closed out a case in which a Stockton man was charged with shooting a deer from the roadway while using a spotlight from a vehicle. The man pleaded guilty to unlawfully discharging a gun from a public right-of-way. He paid a total of $902 and was placed on two-year court supervision.
A District 1 CPO handled several phone calls for reported abandoned wildlife babies. The CPO used the case to reminded citizens that babies are most likely not truly abandoned and if people remove them from the area, they are more likely “kidnapping” them from the mothers. Typically the mother left the area in search of food or as a way to keep them safe. Unlike humans, wildlife mothers only stay around a few minutes to nurse/feed and then leave the area so predators are not attracted to their scents. CPOs advise that if you locate baby wildlife, Rule No. 1 is “leave them alone.” If pets are of concern, keep your pets indoors or make a little barrier to keep pets away. For more information on wildlife babies, go to the DNR website and click on Living with Wildlife. This website gives detailed information on wildlife species, their habitat, and their behavior. A listing of Wildlife Rehabilitators can also be found on the Living with Wildlife website at

Region II

A CPO arrested a subject while fishing on Nippersink Lake for failure to immediately release a 13½-inch walleye.
A CPO arrested two subjects for possession of cannabis/drug paraphernalia and illegal consumption of alcohol by minors at Illinois Beach State Park.
A CPO issued four citations including failure to immediately release a 7-inch largemouth bass and child under 13 not wearing a PFD.
A CPO charged three individuals for fishing without permission at a gravel pit.
A CPO charged a subject with failure to immediately release a 9-inch largemouth bass.
A female subject was arrested at the Chain O’ Lakes campground for possession of cannabis under 2.5 grams, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of alcohol in a restricted area.

Region III

A Charleston juvenile who was on probation was arrested by CPOs at the Lake Mattoon Spillway in Shelby County for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis under 2.5 grams.
An Effingham man was cited by a CPO for keeping a short walleye on the Kaskaskia River at the Lake Shelbyville Dam.
A CPO arrested a Charleston man for two short striped bass, and given a written warning for having no fishing license at Lake Charleston.
A CPO arrested a Mattoon man for cannabis and paraphernalia at Lake Paradise in Coles County.
A CPO assisted Douglas County with a subject with a gun. The subject had taken an enormous amount of anti-depressant medication. Upon arrival, the subject was standing in the woods shooting a .22 rifle randomly. The subject was armed with 500 rounds of .22 ammunition. The subject had threatened to kill his father. While SWAT was being dispatched, the subject had given up and come out. The subject was taken into custody without further incident.
CPOs responded to a boat accident at Lithia Springs Marina gas dock. A patrol boat moored at the gas dock was struck by an approaching houseboat. The operator of the houseboat said one of his motors did not function correctly, causing the houseboat to strike the COE boat and dock. There was minor damage to the boat dock and motor/transom area of the COE boat. No injuries were reported. The investigation is ongoing.
A CPO arrested a Mattoon man on the Kaskaskia River on a failure to appear arrest warrant out of Moultrie County.

Region IV

CPOs and a sergeant worked a fatal boat accident on the LaMoine River on the Brown/Schuyler County line. Five subjects were floating down the LaMoine River when their 12-foot boat hit a log jam and capsized. The boat was overloaded and only had two wearable life jackets. Four subjects made it to shore, one subject drowned. He was recovered several days later.
A CPO wrapped up a lengthy timber investigation. The investigation started with a landowner complaining about not being paid all the money by contract. The investigation has concluded with several charges: failure to pay the landowner the agreed amount, failure to maintain records, failure to account to the landowner for timber cut, failure to file harvest fees, and failure to pay harvest fees.
A CPO was checking fishing licenses on the Mississippi River when one subject he checked did not have a fishing license. The subject was wanted on a failure-to-appear warrant.
A CPO was patrolling Pere Marquette State Park when he stopped a subject for speeding. During the stop, it appeared the subject was under the influence. The CPO performed field sobriety tests on the subject. The subject failed field sobriety test and had a BAC of 0.098.
A CPO was patrolling the Grafton area when a Grafton officer called for assistance. The Grafton officer stopped a subject and thought the subject was under the influence. The Grafton officer was not comfortable performing the field sobriety test and asked the CPO to take over, which he did. The subject failed the field sobriety test and had a BAC of 0.259.
A CPO was checking fishing licenses on the Illinois River at Grafton. Two of the subjects he checked were wanted on warrants. One had failed to appear for fishing without a license, and the other had failed to pay his fine for fishing without a license.

Region V

CPOs were on boat patrol on the Ohio River entering the Golconda Marina when they saw a boater violate the no-wake zone. A CPO arrested the operator for OUI. He registered an alcohol concentration of 0.13 over the 0.08 legal limit.
A CPO arrested a suspended driver in Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park and caught a man with a short bass on Dolan Lake.
A CPO investigated a TIPS complaint of dogs killing geese at the Norris City Reservoir. The dog owner was cited.
A CPO cited a man at Sahara Woods for possession of a short bass.
CPOs and a sergeant responded to a boat accident on Vandalia Lake. A subject was standing at the bow of a pontoon boat when the operator powered down quickly and the standing passenger was thrown over the bow as the boat continued forward striking the overboard victim twice with the propeller, once in the chest and once in the leg. The victim was airlifted to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and is expected to recover. The operator was arrested for OUI and a BAC showed a 0.17.
A CPO and a sergeant responded to a complaint of a subject possessing an alligator in Fairfield. On arrival, the subject advised he found out it was unlawful to possess and donated it to a zoo in St. Louis.
A CPO patrolled Newton Lake and issued two citations for insufficient life jackets and one for no fishing license.
A CPO cited two subjects at East Fork Lake for possessing a 12-inch walleye and insufficient number of life jackets.
A CPO stopped and inspected a pontoon boat that was listing to port side and appeared to be overloaded. During the inspection, it was noted that two children under the age of 13 were not wearing life jackets; there were 14 people on board and they only had nine life jackets; they did not have a Type IV throwable device; and the boat was overloaded by four passengers. A citation and written warnings were issued, and they were escorted back to their dock to remedy the deficiencies.
A CPO observed a subject fishing. When the subject saw the CPO, he put his fishing pole down and turned around, ignoring the CPO. After approaching the subject and making sure he had his attention, it was revealed the man did not have a fishing license. A citation was issued.
CPOs averted what may have been a terrible boat crash. They were cruising at idle speed on Lake Egypt while a pleasure boater was also cruising at idle speed in the opposite direction about 25 yards away on their starboard side. A fishing boat was heading toward them at just under plane speed. Instead of passing to their starboard side, they headed right between the patrol boat and the pleasure boat. The CPO activated the emergency lights and moved the patrol boat to intercept and slow the fishing boat. The fishing boat stopped and was inspected. When asked, the operator stated he had not even seen the pleasure boat.
CPOs assisted the U.S. Forest Service and Jackson County ambulance service with the evacuation of a subject who fell off a cliff at the Little Grand Canyon. The CPOs were able to boat into the bottom of the canyon because of high water on the Big Muddy River and transport the subject to a nearby ambulance at a boat access. This saved the first responders an approximate 200-foot vertical climb out of the canyon with the 220-pound subject in a stokes basket. The first responders were happy about the high water.
CPOs patrolling Kinkaid Lake near the jumping cliffs recognized a subject that a CPO had recently warned about staying off DNR ground with his four-wheeler. Upon seeing the CPOs in the patrol boat, this subject and two others decided to walk briskly back into the woods. The CPO was dropped off on shore and was able to apprehend the recognized subject and his two buddies as they attempted to flee on their four-wheelers. The subject given the warning just two days prior said he forgot about that and did not think he was doing anything wrong. Each subject was cited for operating an ATV on DNR property. 

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