Wisconsin Cuffs & Collars – April 5th, 2013

District 1 — Ashland area

Warden Amie Egstad, of Bayfield, worked with recruit warden Cara Kamke on snowmobile trails in February. Some warnings were issued for failing to have snowmobile safety cards.
Wardens Egstad and Kamke issued several citations on Chequamegon Bay for fishing without a license, undersized brown trout, fishing without a Great Lakes stamp, and failing to register snowmobiles.
Wardens Egstad and Kamke had two separate snowmobile fatalities they investigated in February – one in Bayfield County and a double fatality on Lake Superior.
Warden John Windt, of Hurley, investigated a CWD complaint of dumping deer carcasses in Iron County. The complaint was not valid, as no deer carcasses were being transported from a CWD zone.
Warden Windt issued a citation for possession of an undersized crappie on the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage.
Warden Brad Biser, of Brule, responded to a call about a fox problem in Iron River. The description indicated that the fox had mange and was observed hanging around buildings. The fox later was found dead in a resident’s garage.
Warden Jill Schartner, of Drummond, issued citations to fishermen on local lakes for unattended lines, too many lines, undersized fish, and fishing without licenses.
Warden Schartner issued a citation to a coyote hunter in Sawyer County for hunting within 50 feet of the road’s center. The landowner called Schartner the day after the incident, explaining he spoke with the hunter and only became alarmed when he found buckshot in a tree within yards of his horse pen. The fresh snow allowed Schartner to locate the hunter’s tracks, shot shell, and his two shot patterns, indicating he not only shot toward the horse pen, but shot across the road, as well.
Warden Schartner contacted four local fishermen on area lakes in an attempt to educate them about the requirements of having their names on their ice shanties – using a Sharpie instead of a court date to gain compliance, something that was appreciated and, in the end, gained the same result.
Warden John Krull, of Superior, received a letter of commendation from the Superior Police Department for work done on numerous break-ins of vehicles parked along Wisconsin Point this past summer.
Warden Krull worked snowmobile enforcement around the Superior area after an all-day snow. He issued three citations and gave numerous warnings.
Warden Lance Burns, of Gordon, worked with deputy Steve Olson on snowmobile enforcement. A subject was contacted for operating a motor vehicle on the snowmobile trail and was found to have open intoxicants in the vehicle. Two citations were issued.
Warden Burns responded to and investigated a fatal snowmobile accident in Barnes.
Warden Matt MacKenzie, of Ashland, worked fishing enforcement in February and issued several citations. He also investigated a fatal snowmobile accident near Iron River.

District 2 — Cumberland area

No report available.

District 3 — Park Falls area

Wardens Jason Bayer, of Phillips, and other wardens from the Park Falls team conducted a snowmobile patrol in Phillips. Most riders knew the rules and were warned for their violations. One citation was issued for violating the nighttime speed limit, and one citation was issued for trespass on railroad property. Railroad officials had contacted Bayer and asked that the trespassing law be strictly enforced due to safety concerns. A snowmobiler recently got stuck between the tracks and needed help to get out.
Warden Ron Nerva, of Tomahawk, organized a snowmobile group check near Lake Nokomis. The officers wrote several citations for not stopping at stop signs, failing to have snowmobile safety, and OWI.
Warden Nerva and the Lincoln County recreation deputy worked at a local ice-fishing event. They wrote citations for unattended lines and arrested an individual for ATV OWI.
Warden Dan Michels, of Park Falls, met with a suspect who admitted that he had not checked his traps as required, and when he did, he found a neighbor’s dog in one trap. The suspect returned the dog to its owners. The suspect was cited for failure to check traps daily, warned for failure to tag traps, and warned for failure to take a trapper education course.
Warden Andy Dryja, of White Lake, issued three citations to a business for illegal septic disposal methods. The case was settled at the Langlade County DA’s office, and the business was fined over $1,000.
Warden Dryja worked snowmobile enforcement on area lakes and trails. Dryja issued many warnings and citations for registration, speed, and stop sign violations.

District 4 — Woodruff area

Warden Tim Price, of Eagle River, assisted recruit warden Timothy Werner with four OWI snowmobilers.
Warden Price investigated with the Vilas County Sheriff’s Department the theft of a portable ice shanty on an area lake.
Warden Mike Sealander, of St. Germain, worked snowmobile speed complaints on roads in local developments. Warnings and citations were issued.
Warden Brad Dahlquist, of Crandon, took enforcement action on snowmobilers operating without valid registration. He also issued several verbal warnings for various fishing violations and investigated a fatal snowmobile accident near Pickerel involving one individual where alcohol was a factor. He also completed an investigation into a wolf-trapping violation in which enforcement action was taken and the wolf seized.
Warden Kelly Crotty, of Florence, had a subject plead no contest to the charge of hunting deer without a license. The man was fined $2,268, and lost his DNR privileges for three years. As part of the plea agreement, five citations issued for trapping violations were dismissed.
Warden Crotty was on Ellwood Lake when he contacted two anglers. One was holding a jig pole and had three tip-ups placed on the ice. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Crotty seized two large body-grip traps and a large male otter after it was determined the traps were not being checked. Enforcement action was taken.
Wardens Tim Ebert, of Woodruff, and recruit warden Tim Werner encountered two individuals fishing with nine tip-ups. They knew the law, but said they saw another group of anglers catching more fish than they were, so they used the extra lines.
Warden Pat Novesky, of Three Lakes, took enforcement action for expired snowmobile registrations and careless operation.
Warden Rich Thole, of Boulder Junction, investigated several snowmobile accidents. A snowmobiler north of Boulder Junction crossed Hwy. M and was struck by a vehicle. The subject sustained minor injuries, but his snowmobile was totaled. In Manitowish Waters, two riders collided head-on at a corner in town. One subject was operating on the wrong side of the trail and could not see around the corner because of a mound of snow. The other subject sustained minor injuries and his new snowmobile was totaled. Enforcement action was taken. In  Winchester, two riders collided at a corner on the trail. One was thrown from his snowmobile and knocked unconscious for a short time. This subject was taken to the hospital for treatment. Both snowmobiles received substantial damage.
Wardens Thole, Werner, Price, and Crotty worked snowmobile enforcement near Eagle River. They contacted numerous riders and arrested three of them for OWI. Their BACs were .12, .14, and .19. One person had a pending OWI charge in a motor vehicle and another was convicted of snowmobile OWI within the past five years.

District 5 — Lower St. Croix area

Warden Paul Sickman, of Hudson, completed multiple taxidermy inspections and assisted Hudson police with the apprehension of two juveniles who stole a vehicle.
Warden James Cleven, of Colfax, assisted the Dunn County Fish and Game Club with a youth ice-fishing event on Lake Menomin. DCFGC members and UW-Stout students assisted youths by drilling holes and helping with fishing gear. More than 100 kids participated, and everyone received a raffle prize.
Warden Cleven issued citations for violations that included hunting coyotes with loaded guns in vehicles, fishing with too many lines, operating unregistered snowmobiles, and illegal deer feeding.
Warden Wayne Flak, of Menomonie, received a call at 4 a.m. from the sheriff’s department. A pickup was stuck on a rural snowmobile trail. Flak and a deputy located the truck on the trail and then followed tracks that led to a 20-year-old male and female walking along the trail. The man said he had done a stupid thing by driving on the trail to impress his girlfriend, but then got stuck. The female was treated for frozen feet; she had taken her female footwear off to better walk in the snow. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Brad Peterson, of Ellsworth, and supervisor David Hausman, of Baldwin, worked on an investigation that involved a hibernating 250-pound male bear being shot in St. Croix County. Only the bear’s head was taken. The investigation is ongoing.
Warden Bill Wrasse, of Durand, spent time checking trappers and coyote hunters in February. A few complaints were received about coyote hunters trespassing and hunting from the road.
Warden Wrasse worked with the Mondovi snowmobile club in trying to solve issues with trespass. Riders were not staying on the marked trails across private property. This caused the landowner to withdraw his land from the trail system.

District 6 — Eau Claire area

Warden Adam Hanna, of Neillsville, worked on snowmobile enforcement in February. Hanna addressed violations of illegal operation on a road, no headlights on a road, stop sign, speeding, registration issues, and OWI. Hanna also assisted with one crash in which two people were injured.
Wardens Hanna and Barry Meister, of Stevens Point, attended a trial in Clark County for a trapper who had failed to check his dry-land sets and remove animals every 24 hours. The man had left a live raccoon in a trap for three days before it was removed by Hanna. The trapper was found guilty, and, in addition to fines, the court confiscated the trap used in the violation.
Warden Hanna gave several warnings for improperly marked ice shanties left overnight on area lakes. Many people had written their names on the shacks with a marker, but the writing had faded.
Warden Shaun Deeney, of Chippewa Falls, performed snowmobile and ice-fishing enforcement on Lake Wissota and Lake Holcombe. Enforcement action was taken for fishing without a license, fishing with too many lines, unmarked ice shanties, and various snowmobile violations.
Warden Deeney responded to a fatal snowmobile accident in Cornell. The investigation and accident reconstruction are ongoing.
Warden Scott Thiede, of Eau Claire, was in his truck on Lake Altoona when two young adults on snowmobiles with expired registration fled. Within a few minutes, one subject was located when tracks in the snow ended at the closed door of a garage.
Warden Ken Thomson, of Fall Creek, closed a trap theft case from 2012. The suspect was charged with three counts of trap theft, was found guilty, was fined $1,000, and lost his DNR licenses for five years.
Warden Thomson arranged for a wolf that was harvested illegally to be donated to the Beaver Creek Education Center.
Warden Robin Barnhardt, of Osseo, worked snowmobile enforcement in Eau Claire, Trempealeau, and Jackson counties. Citations and warnings were issued for speed, trail sign, registration, closed trail, and snowmobile safety violations.
Warden Barnhardt cited a Trempealeau County trapper who had caught an otter in mid-November, but did not register the otter until February.
Warden Barnhardt assisted warden Shaun Deeney, of Chippewa Falls, with the investigation of a fatal snowmobile crash near Cornell in Chippewa County. One person died and another was injured when the snowmobile crashed into a bridge. The investigation continues.
Warden Barnhardt assisted warden Bob Jumbeck, of Alma, with several deer-hunting violations from the fall of 2012 in Buffalo County. The wardens contacted a husband and wife near Alma. The husband killed a buck with his bow, tagged it with his archery tag, and then several days later killed a second buck with his bow. The wife then loaned her archery tag to her husband, who tagged the second buck with her tag. During the gun season, the husband killed a buck with a rifle, but did not have a gun license, so he did not tag the deer or register the kill. In December, the husband’s son shot and killed a buck with a rifle during the closed season. The wardens seized several sets of antlers and a rifle during the investigation. The case was referred to the Buffalo County district attorney for charges.
Warden Jake Donar, of Black River Falls, spent considerable time working snowmobile enforcement in Jackson and La Crosse counties to address nighttime stop sign and OWI complaints. Several contacts were made, with enforcement action taken.

District 7 — Wisconsin Rapids area

Warden Jon Scharbarth, of Stevens Point, worked snowmobile, small-game, trapping, and fishing enforcement in February.
Warden Barry Meister, of Stevens Point, worked primarily fish and snowmobile enforcement in February. Citations were issued for no license, unregistered snowmobiles, and failing to stop for stop signs.
Warden Paul Leezer, of Wausau, testified at a trial in Clark County for a loud ATV. The defendant was found guilty and was ordered to pay the full fine amount. Leezer also issued one citation for fishing with too many lines on Lake Dubay.
Warden Ben Herzfeldt, of Schofield, checked two anglers in a portable ice shack on Lake Dubay. The male stated he had to pull a line since they had just taken a companion to shore, and the companion’s lines were still out. They had seven lines for two people. When asked if they had any fish, the male subject stated they did not. Herzfeldt located a bucket in the back of their truck. The male then admitted they had a walleye, but that it was from Oneida County from a few days ago. The fishermen did not know the name of the lake. Herzfeldt found the walleye to be 131⁄2 inches and still partially alive and unfrozen. The man then stated he caught the fish earlier that day and wanted to take a walleye home.
Warden Herzfeldt responded to a complaint in the town of Rib Falls. A contractor had demolished a building in Wausau, hauled the remains of the building to a relative’s farm in Rib Falls, and then burned the material. Herzfeldt found shingles, tar paper, and metal in the debris. The contractor had applied for the required permits since the building contained asbestos. However, the conditions of the permit were not followed.
Warden Mike Rader, of Wausau, spent much of February working snowmobile, ATV, and ice-fishing enforcement in Marathon County. Citations were issued for fishing without a license, underage ATV operation, operating unregistered ATVs and snowmobiles, and operating without a safety certificate
Warden Mike Rader and a DNR stormwater management specialist took enforcement action for violations regarding a subject operating a scrap yard near Athens. Fines totaling $2,027 were issued.
Warden Barry Fetting, of Marshfield, issued several snowmobile warnings and citations for violations, including speed, operating without registration, underage operation, and regulatory sign violations.
Warden Fetting received information that a subject hauled farm waste, including silo bags and tires, to another property where it was burned. The responsible party admitted to burning illegal items at that location on several occasions.
Warden Bryan Lockman transferred to the Wisconsin Rapids station in February. He worked the opening weekend of sturgeon spearing on Lake Poygan and contacted two successful spearers who failed to keep their fish exposed while it was being transported.
Warden Matt Weber, of Necedah, saw a great gray owl at the end of February in Juneau County along a road near Mauston.
Warden Bill Miller, of Adams, entered an ice-fishing shanty on Castle Rock Lake and was overcome by the odor of burning marijuana. The men produced the drugs and pipes, which were seized, along with an illegal-sized northern pike.
Warden Miller completed an investigation of a deer illegally killed Jan. 1, where the hunter attempted to register an improperly tagged deer in Juneau County. When told a warden was going to be called, he sped away with the deer. He later registered the deer in Dane County and lied on the registration form, indicating it was killed in Sauk County. The man gave the deer to a friend, who took it to a butcher shop in Waushara County for processing. Enforcement action was taken in Juneau and Dane counties, including a request for a criminal charge of obstruction.
Warden Wade Romberg issued citations in February for snowmobile and ATV violations, fishing without a license, fishing with too many lines, fishing with unattended lines, hunting within 50 feet of the road, littering, and failing to identify an ice shack.

District 8 — La Crosse area

No report available.

District 9 — Black River Falls area

No report available.

District 10 — Wautoma area

No report available.

District 11 — Peshtigo area

Warden Meade spent a majority of February working snowmobile enforcement. Citations were issued for operating without registration, without a trail pass, failure to stop, operating faster than 55 mph at night, various ATV violations, and operating faster than 10 mph within 150 feet of an ice shack.
Warden Meade worked nighttime snowmobile enforcement with warden supervisor Ben Treml and warden Joe Paul. Meade stopped a sledder for operating 69 mph at night on a trail. The subject was arrested for OWI. The subject also was in possession of a switchblade. The subject was taken for a blood draw and then to jail.
Warden Oginski worked snowmobile enforcement with multiple area wardens and the Marinette County Sheriff’s Department. More than 20 citations were issued. Numerous warnings also were issued.
Warden Paul closed an illegal deer-hunting case in Oconto County court. The subject was found guilty of illegal baiting and possession of a validated buck tag. The subject was ordered to pay $1,000 and also lost his hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges for two years. A crossbow, trail camera, and two deer were confiscated.
Warden Paul closed an illegal turkey-hunting case in Oconto County. The subject was found guilty of hunting out of season, overbagging, hunting without a license and stamp, and was ordered to pay $1,382.40. His hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges were revoked for one year.
Warden Paul contacted several ice fishermen in a ice shanty on Chute Pond and could smell marijuana. Paul stepped out to make a call. When he stepped back inside, he observed a glass baby food jar filled with marijuana, floating in a hole. The owner attempted to throw it down the hole but didn’t realize that it would float. The subject had been smoking marijuana in the shanty with his child under the age of 2 present. Criminal charges are pending.
Warden Stahl and recruit warden Ryan Caputo responded to a report of a serious snowmobile accident in the town of Chase. The accident ended up being a highly intoxicated operator who got his snowmobile stuck on an embankment and then passed out. The subject was cited for snowmobile OWI at a Green Bay hospital.
Warden Stahl responded to a snowmobile accident on Hwy. S in the town of Chase in Oconto County. The operator had been traveling down Hwy. S at high speed at about 11 p.m and struck the rear of a car. The rider was taken to a Green Bay hospital where he was cited for OWI and refusal to take an OWI test, plus two other violations. The rider underwent surgery for a leg injury. The people in the car were not injured.
Warden Stahl was in the Oconto area when he saw familiar coyote hunters releasing dogs. A loaded firearm was found in the backseat of the vehicle, and one of the subjects letting out the dogs did not have a small-game license. The driver was taken into custody on a felony warrant for possession of stolen property. A citation also was issued to the passenger for the loaded gun.

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