Latest chapter in feral cat drama: Audubon and Ted Williams make nice

Rob DriesleinThe National Audubon Society announced this morning that Ted Williams’ Incite column will be back in the organization’s July-August edition. You can read the complete explanation about the decision from Audubon President David Yarnold here

Long story short, William issued an apology clarifying four points regarding the recent op-ed in the Orlando Sentinel. Though Williams’ column won’t appear in the May-June edition of the magazine,

Audubon reinstated it for future editions.

My opinion on Audubon’s actions last week, and feral cat colonies in general, has been well documented here. I don’t believe Williams needed to apologize, and if anything, I think Audubon should be more aggressive in dealing with the international feral cat blight and feral cat advocates.

Would I have rather had a full mea culpa from Audubon? Sure, but bottom line, Ted Williams is writing for Audubon again. I can’t imagine the feral cat people are happy about this, and that’s good enough for me.

This issue continued to build steam this week, thanks in part to a piece on the Huffington Post as well as some from other national writers, like Stephen Bodio, who took up Williams' cause.

Thank you to everyone who read this blog, as well as Mike Furtman’s piece in the March 22 print edition of Outdoor News, then contacted and criticized Audubon for initially severing its professional relationship with Williams. Click here if you want to read my original blog on that last week, plus lots and lots of cranky comments about the matter.

Several other outdoor and birding writer friends helped publicize this story the past week. They all deserve credit for stepping to the plate and defending one of our own.

Finally, thank you David Yarnold and Audubon for continuing to print the writing of one of the nation’s finest environmental and conservation advocates.

Now, I'm looking forward to moving onto different blogging topics.

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