Glow your way to more ice walleyes (plus colored hooks, too!)

Terry TumaI recently spoke with an angler who fished walleyes hard all summer. He worked with colored hooks and found success, then asked me whether he should consider them for hard water.

“Definitely,” I replied. “Colored hooks and glow can be a major success factor.”

Besides using red hooks, I use color a number of ways, including via a simple single 5mm bead when deadsticking.

While using color, don’t forget learning while catching fish. Work to develop, then fine-tune your pattern.

As for glow, one reason I believe it’s successful is because so many anglers are using it. Glow definitely is an attractor, especially in low-light situations, but finesse applies here, too.

Ice anglers should use and experiment with glow during low-light periods, at night, and in deep water. It’s an attractor. We must avoid  bright (glow) light. You want a subtle, soft glow. Bright glow will repel fish. A subtle glow may attract them.

With glow and colors, the same rules apply as for any other lure: The more you fish with them,  the more you’ll feel confident in them. And if you’re not confident in a lure, here’s some simple advice for that hardware:

Get it out of tackle box, because it’s just wasting space!

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