Jigs, Jigs, and more Jigs

Cory YarmuthRecently I talked about one of the most versatile baits in my collection: the spinnerbait.  However, there is another bait that never seems to fail me and I don't think I would be caught without some shape or form of it.  The simple jig is an all time favorite.

The jig can be as simple as a lead head and a small plastic tail, or it could be as complex as a weedless skirted football head with a huge crawfish chunk trailer on it.  The options are endless as well as the way they are fished.

When most people think of jigs the walleye is the first fish to pop into your head.  Yes they are killer walleye baits, but bass love them as well. Don't forget about your panfish and even your big predator fish like the pike and Musky.

Working a jig is easy, but does take a bit of finesse to get the action just the way the fish are wanting it.  Simple cast and retrieve is a great method, but often times it is a matter of keeping that jig right on the bottom and stirring up a dust-storm. 

Keep your eyes pealed for the next issue of Illinois Outdoor News, where I will be talking more in-depth about the jig and what you can do with it. 

Until then, don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Good luck and Good fishing.

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