Conlin says he will continue pushing for Fish Management Fund

Ralph LoosAfter the failure last week of Senate Bill 1566, also known as the "DNR Sustainability" bill, two questions many anglers in the state immediately asked were, "Does this mean there is still a chance for a Fish Management Fund plan to be implemented?" and "Does the group lobbying for the Fish Management Fund still want to pursue it?"

The answers are "Yes" and "Absolutely yes."

In fact, retired DNR Fisheries Chief Mike Conlin returned a call I made to him this morning and confirmed that he and the Northern Illinois Anglers Association will continue to work on getting the Fish Fund into any future version of a "DNR Sustainability" bill that may come forward prior to the fall veto session, or a special summer session if one is called.

DNR has not supported the notion of a Fish Management Fund, which would guarantee money intended for fisheries would go to fisheries, instead of being made available for general use.

I like Conlin's tenacity.

Stay tuned.

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