Bullfrogging: Is it hunting or is it fishing?

Shane MalawyWith bullfrog season kicking off June 15, I find myself once again thinking of the opening line of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “To be or not to be, that is the question.” 

The question for me is whether or not “frogging” is actually a fishing or a hunting experience.

According to the 2012 DNR Fishing Digest, bullfrogs can be harvested by “hand, pole and line fishing methods, pitchfork, landing net, bow and arrow, spear, or gig.” The use of firearms and commercial fishing devices are prohibited.

Now, maybe one can appreciate my mental acceptance issues as to what “frogging” really is. What it really boils down to is the fact that anyone wishing to participate in the Illinois frog season must possess an Illinois Fishing License therefore making bullfrog “hunting” a fishing experience.

For myself and my fellow frog “hunters”, now is the time to head to your favorite marsh, pond, swamp or creek and do your homework. A quick stroll around said areas can reveal the quality and quantity of your quarry. You should also take an evening trip to your favorite spot and listen for the tell tale “jug-o-rum” bellow which can be heard up to a quarter of a mile away. Making sure that the frog population is healthy at your honey hole before season starts will ensure a great evening of fun and excitement as you pursue this tasty amphibian.

As for me and the “to be or not to be," well I guess “frogging” just “is what it is” and I’ll enjoy it no matter if it’s a hunting or fishing experience!

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