Got salmon? Try smoking some this season

Cory YarmuthWorking close to a Lake Michigan launch has allowed me to take advantage of the recent hot salmon action. And some good fishing luck has allowed me to put some great tasting silver fish in the freezer – thus defining the necessity to take my boat to work with me.

My catches are often bagged, labeled and then marked with the name of a family member or friend that has requested some fresh fish for their next meal.  Me, I like to treat my family to a special preparation that is easy and fun to do.

The smoking of fish is a tradition as old as the history books can record.  Personally, I can’t think of a better way to enjoy salmon than fresh from the smoker.

The process of smoking and preserving fish – or any other meat for that matter – is nothing new and it has certainly been around for a very long time.  However, many people find the process intimidating. “It’s just too complicated,” they say. The truth is just the opposite.  Smoking your catch is quite an easy and enjoyable process and the results are absolutely delicious.

Look for my tips and tricks to smoking salmon in the June 1 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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