Minnesota Outdoors Leader Award recognizes state's best conservationists

Rob DriesleinThirteen years ago, Outdoor News launched its Man/Woman of the Year Award. We’ve recognized some fine people, and we’ll be honoring individuals with that annual award for as long as we’re around. (Again, congratulations to our 2012 recipient, Elizabeth Wilkens!) There are so many great people and groups out there who deserve recognition, yet we’ve limited ourselves to one award for one person since 1999.

Well, no more. When Game Fair rolls around in August, we’ll announce the inaugural recipient of our annual Outdoor Leaders Award. It aims to recognize work by Minnesota outdoor organizations, chapters, and clubs that have accomplished outstanding things for the state outdoors scene. Recipients will receive a $500 grant, a recognition article in Outdoor News (coinciding with Game Fair) and an award plaque.

Now, we need your help. We haven’t decided who will win the 2012 Outdoors Leaders Award, so please nominate a group. You can view and file a nomination for a worthy organization by filling out the form on our Outdoor News website.

You also can email me for a nomination form. We’re looking forward to reading nominations about some hard work from conservation group chapters and local sportsmen’s clubs. Help us honor these folks by nominating the best of the best.

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