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(Helena, MT) – Montana State Parks ( is announcing a timeline change for two trails grant programs: the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) and the Off-Highway Vehicle Program (OHV). The new 2012 grant application deadline will be extended to August 1 instead of the typical deadline of July 1. The change is due to the RTP program transitioning to an online grant management system.

RTP and OHV program applicants can include federal, state, county or municipal agencies, private associations and clubs (not individuals). Eligible projects for RTP include: development of urban trail linkages near homes and work places; construction and maintenance of trails; development of trailside and trailhead facilities; ethics education and interpretive programs; and, weed control along trails and trailhead areas.

OHV eligible projects include, but are not limited to: maintenance of existing OHV trails; signage; ethics education; noxious weed control adjacent to OHV trails; and route mapping.

For more information on RTP grants visit:

For more information on OHV grants visit:

Or contact Beth Shumate, Trails Program Manager at (406) 444-4585 or

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