Earn-a-Buck (times two) proposal doesn’t go over well in hunting community

Remember that old TV commercial where the cracked egg going into a frying pan was used as an analogy for a “brain on drugs?” Well, my little brain has been in a similar pan long enough trying to analyze the northern Illinois deer herd and the effect sharpshooting is having on it that I think I’m officially sizzled.

And now this – On Feb. 7, Sen. John Jones, R-Mt. Vernon, proposed not only an “earn-a-buck” program in the prairie state, but an earn-a-buck times two! Yep, you heard me correctly. If Senate Bill 3316 passes, hunters would be required to report the harvest of two antlerless deer prior to the DNR issuing a buck permit. At the risk of sounding like one of my daughters: “really? “

The bill was sent to the Ag and Conservation Committee on Feb. 17. It’s still unclear if it will survive and move forward.

Still, it’s an alarming thought for many deer hunters I know.

I’m not trying to make it sound like there are no deer left at all, but good grief. At what point is it truly about the health of the human and whitetail population, but rather money, politics and control? To me, it’s politics at its finest. My point? What is the point? Time, fuel, and hard earned paychecks are precious commodities these days for most of us. If we want to harvest a buck, we would have to spend resources to take two does first.

So this is me, a blue-collar hunter from Illinois, begging those in power at the state level: Please stop treating us as if we have resources to squander. A bit of advice? Listen to us.

By the way, Sen. Jones’ office number is (618) 242-9511

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