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IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 16

Region I

A District 7 CPO responded to a complaint from a Fulton County
resident about dead fish in a small stream. The CPO completed an
initial investigation and the following morning met with a district
fisheries biologist and a protection engineer with the IEPA. The
source of the fish kill was determined and a fish kill assessment
was completed. The case will be referred to the Illinois Attorney

CPOs observed three men consuming alcoholic beverages in the
Starved Rock campground over the Fourth of July weekend. One of the
men attempted to hide from the officers that led to a foot pursuit
resulting in the man’s capture. The man gave the officers several
false names before he gave his real name so they could obtain a
positive identification. The man was charged with providing false
identification, possession of alcohol against the posted
regulations and littering.

CPOs, while on water patrol, found four persons under age consuming
alcohol, with two over the age of 21 with them, while they were
boating on the Illinois River. Everyone was transported back to
shore. The subjects under 21 were either arrested or parents were
called if they were juveniles. The two subjects over 21 admitted to
giving the alcohol to the others and were arrested for contributing
to delinquency of a minor.

A District 1 CPO arrested a Sterling man who was wading in the Rock
River at Harry Oppold Marina. The subject was fishing and drinking
a can of beer when he disposed of the can by sinking it into the

A District 1 CPO observed a Rock Falls man illegally catching and
keeping bluegills for bait with the aid of a cast net at Lake
Calton in Morrison Rockwood State Park. Appropriate enforcement
action was taken and the bluegills were released back to the

A District 1 CPO arrested a Savanna man for operating a watercraft
while under the influence of alcohol on Pool 13 of the Mississippi

A District 1 CPO was called out from home to check on the welfare
of a kayaker on the Rock River near Prophetstown who was observed
passed out/sleeping on a rock bar. The complainant boaters advised
he was unresponsive next to his kayak around sunset. The kayaker
was later found paddling to the shores of Prophetstown State Park
where he was checked for OUI and issued various citations. The
Lyndon man was charged with operating an unnumbered watercraft,
operating a watercraft with no personal flotation device, and
pollution of waterways after he advised that he had disposed of his
empty cocktail containers in, and along, the Rock River.

A District 7 CPO responded to three boat accidents in the central
Illinois area. One of the accidents was a total loss of their
watercraft. The second accident involved the vessel striking a
submerged object on the Illinois River and one of the passengers
had to be taken to a hospital for contusion injuries. The third
boat accident was fatal where a fisherman drowned in a Fulton
County strip mine lake which involved sonar operations and a dive
team to retrieve the body.

CPOs were working a boat patrol on Mississippi River Pool No. 14 in
the Albany area. The patrol boat had just been launched from the
ramp and a CPO was starting to park the squad and trailer. A boat
coming into the ramp had a person riding on the bow. All three
subjects appeared to be sunburned, lethargic and impaired. The CPO
made contact with the subjects in the boat. Field sobriety tests
were done on the boat operator. The operator was determined to be
legally intoxicated and arrested for OUI. The operator was issued
citations for improper passenger location, OUI and not having a
fire extinguisher, and written warnings for no whistle and improper
display of valid registration number.

Region II

CPOs arrested four subjects in the campground at Illinois Beach
State Park for possession of cocaine, cannabis, and drug
paraphernalia. The CPOs arrested a minor in the campground for
illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor and resisting arrest. The
minor’s BAC was .215%.

CPOs arrested a subject for possession of cannabis more than 2.5
grams after K-9 Charlie alerted on the vehicle. One CPO also cited
the driver for driving while license is suspended, driving the
wrong way in a one-way, and no insurance.

CPOs assisted in a multi-agency search for a missing person,
presumed drowned, on Fox Lake. Evidently the individual was
involved in a domestic and had stolen a paddle boat from a nearby
resident on the lake. However, after spotting the individual in the
water at approximately 10:45 p.m., the homeowner notified the
police. The suspect pushed away from the paddle boat and was
swimming away from police who lost visual contact with him. Several
agencies were called on scene to search the area, including a U.S.
Coast Guard helicopter from Chicago. Supposedly the suspect
notified his girlfriend the following morning telling her about the
incident but is still at large.

CPOs arrested a subject while fishing under the Route 12 bridge in
Fox Lake for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of
cannabis less than 2.5 grams. The subject was using a deep well
socket as his pipe of choice.

A CPO arrested two subjects at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park for
possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis less
than 2.5 grams.

A CPO assisted in a multi-agency search for an individual who
drowned in Lake Marie, Chain O’ Lakes. According to witnesses, the
subject was in his mid 20s and was out on the lake with friends.
The subject could not swim but was in the water without a
lifejacket anyway. When he began struggling, friends tried to throw
him a lifejacket but he was unable to reach it. His body was
recovered later that evening.

A CPO arrested a sexual predator in Illinois Beach State Park in
the main beach parking lot following a license plate inquiry on the
arrestee’s vehicle. The inquiry indicated a HIT on the registered
owner, the vehicle was stopped and the driver was confirmed as a
registered sexual predator. He was then arrested and taken to Lake
County Jail.

A CPO arrested a subject on Deep Lake for running over geese with a
boat. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

CPOs arrested a subject on Fox Lake for OUI and violating a no-wake
zone. The subject refused to provide a breath sample but he advised
the CPO that he believed he was over the legal limit.

A CPO cited a Utah resident for falsification of resident fishing
license and no valid non-resident fishing license.

A CPO arrested the operator of a kayak on Pistakee Lake for
obstructing identification. The subject incorrectly thought he was
wanted on a warrant and provided a fictitious name and date of
birth to avoid being arrested. The subject was also issued
citations for operating an unnumbered watercraft and the unlawful
use of a boat without a current Fox Waterway User Permit.

A CPO assisted Lake County Sheriff’s Department on a five-person
personal injury accident at Route 173 and Kilbourne. He was heading
to the Illinois Beach State Park and noticed an overturned car at
the intersection. He checked the scene and found five people who
were injured. He secured one of the passenger’s neck and back as
she was turning blue and he contacted EMS. The CPO noticed the
passenger was choking and turned her onto her side as she was
vomiting. EMS and Lake County arrived moments later and the scene
was turned over to them. All the victims were transported to area

Region III

A CPO arrested a Logan County subject for disorderly conduct. The
male subject was initially an alleged victim in a domestic dispute
reported by a third party at the Clinton Lake Beach. The subject
was quite intoxicated and argumentative throughout his contact with
the CPO. After completing the domestic dispute investigation (no
charges filed) the CPO provided the victim with a ride into Clinton
to the victim’s sister’s home. Once at his sisters, he became
belligerent again and started cussing and arguing with her. At this
time the sister wanted him removed from her property and arrested
for disorderly conduct. The CPO transported the subject to the
Dewitt County jail.

While working the patrol boat on Clinton Lake, a CPO and district
sergeant arrested two Chicago-area men for unlawful possession of
cannabis and drug paraphernalia. The drugs were found during the
fish check.

A CPO and district sergeant arrested a McLean County subject for
OUI while working recreational boaters at the Mascoutin boat ramp.
The subject submitted to a breath test and had a BAC of .246, more
than three times the legal limit to be operating.

A CPO and region captain arrested a Macon County subject for OUI on
Lake Decatur while working the patrol boat. The subject was
initially stopped for a navigational problem and then found to be
under the influence of alcohol. The subject had a BAC of .146

While working Mascoutin State Recreation area, a CPO made a vehicle
stop on a subject out of Mclean County. The driver was found to not
have insurance or a valid driver’s license. The subject was
arrested and a valid driver was found to remove the car.

Another traffic stop by a CPO found another driver to not have a
valid driver’s license or insurance for his vehicle. This subject
was from Champaign County and was arrested for these violations as
well. His vehicle was removed by a valid driver.

Region IV

A CPO and district sergeant investigated a personal injury boat
accident on Gillespie Lake. A 20-year-old subject water skiing let
go of the rope and turned into a dock. A 15-year-old subject
witnessed the accident and gave CPR to the subject who was turning
blue. The subject was taken by helicopter to Barnes Hospital in St.
Louis. He had a severe cut on his forehead.

A CPO was inspecting boats at the Otter Lake boat ramp when he
encountered a boat operator thought to be under the influence of
alcohol. The subject failed field sobriety test. The subject took a
breath test. His BAC was .194.

A CPO was inspecting boats on Gillespie Lake when he encountered a
boat operator thought to be under the influence of alcohol. The
subject failed field sobriety test. The subject took a breath test.
His BAC was .209.

A CPO was assisting Holiday Shores with the fireworks display by
establishing a perimeter on the lake when he encountered a boat
operator thought to be under the influence of alcohol. The subject
failed field sobriety test. The subject refused to take a breath

A CPO and district sergeant closed down Route 16 at the request of
Gillespie Fire Department. A tank was leaking a chemical and
creating a hazard to people driving by. Macoupin County and
Illinois State Police were tied up on a fatal accident on Route 16,
10 miles west of this location.

Region V

A CPO investigated a two boat accident on Rend Lake (property
damage only). Both boats were trying to get to the boat ramp before
a thunderstorm hit Rend Lake.

A CPO caught two subjects “snagging” sport fish below the Rend Lake

A CPO arrested a female subject for DUI and driving while license
suspended at Wayne Fitzgerell State Park. The subject blew .117 and
was transported to the Franklin County jail.

A CPO arrested a subject for OUI on Rend Lake. The subject had a
BAC of .23 and was transported to the Franklin County jail.

A CPO conducted a ginseng dealer’s inspection in Hardin County. The
subject had ginseng out of season and was unable to produce two of
three years worth of required records. Appropriate enforcement
action was taken.

A CPO investigated a two person Personal Watercraft boat accident
involving four subjects being injured. Two subjects were airlifted
and one subject was transported by ambulance to hospitals in
Evansville, Ind., and St. Louis, Mo. The CPO seized the two PWCs
and issued one of the operators two citations.

CPOs along with an intern encountered a whole boatload of drunken
subjects on Kinkaid Lake. The boat operator claimed to be the most
sober and responsible and was therefore trying to get all to shore.
Subsequent field sobriety and testing revealed the most sober
subject to have a BAC of .21.

A CPO concluded a case in Union County where the suspects paid a
$1,400 fine and cost for unlawfully hunting deer.

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