Missouri Squirrel season opens May 28

Bag limit is 10 and possession limit is

The fourth Saturday in May marks the opening of squirrel season in
Missouri. Hunters may pursue gray and fox squirrels from May 28
through Feb. 15, 2012, with rifles, shotguns or archery equipment.
The aggregate bag limit is 10 squirrels and the possession limit is

“Aggregate” means hunters may harvest any combination of fox and
gray squirrels so long as they do not exceed 10 squirrels total in
one day. If hunters bag a daily limit two days in a row, they will
have a possession limit of 20 squirrels. After that, they must eat
or give away some squirrels before going hunting again in order to
stay within the possession limit.

Hunters also may take squirrels with cage-type traps, as long as
they label traps with their full name and address, or their
Conservation number. Squirrel traps also must have openings
measuring 144 square inches or less, for instance, 12 inches by 12
inches. Hunters must attend their traps daily. The same regulations
apply to rabbits and groundhogs during their respective

Lonnie Hansen, the Missouri Department of Conservation’s resource
scientist in charge of squirrel management, explained that squirrel
numbers in the Ozarks are somewhat dependent on acorn production
while squirrels have a more diverse and dependable food base in
northern Missouri thanks to agricultural crops. As a result,
squirrel populations are more stable there, and hunting is
uniformly good from year to year.

“We had a tremendous acorn crop last fall so squirrel numbers
should be building in the Ozarks,” Hansen said. “Squirrel numbers
should also be high elsewhere. I think squirrel hunting should be
excellent this year.”


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