OK: Holdenville angler lands two lake records from same lake in one month’s time

Holdenville Lake is on a roll, and so is Allan Brooks of the
city of Holdenville. On April 16, Brooks caught an 11.4-lb.
largemouth bass that measured 23.5 inches in length and 20.5 inches
in girth. The fish is a new lake record for Holdenville, taking the
spot from a 9.8-lb. bass caught last month by none other than
Brooks himself.

For a lake under 1,000 acres, Holdenville is proving to be a
hotspot for anglers. In May of 2010, Scott Allen Babb caught a
9.1-lb. largemouth bass, and Holdenville also has yielded high
numbers of bass in electrofishing surveys by the Oklahoma
Department of Wildlife Conservation in recent years.

The three big bass caught at Holdenville in the last year may only
be a few among many that anglers have pulled from the lake – many
that Oklahoma anglers may never get a chance to celebrate. But
thanks to the Wildlife Department’s Lake Record Fish Program,
Holdenville Lake and the fish it produces are starting to get the
recognition they deserve, as well as more than 40 other lakes
across the state.

“In the past, you didn’t hear about a lot nice fish caught from
lakes unless you knew the angler, or unless the fish is some kind
of state record,” said Nels Rodefeld, information and education
chief for the Wildlife Department. “The lake record fish program is
changing that, giving anglers the opportunity to recognize big fish
and the lakes that produced them, not to mention the anglers who
catch them.”

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s lake record fish
program was initiated in 2008 to recognize big fish from certain
lakes and the anglers who catch them.

The program has grown from about a dozen lakes at its inception to
more than 40 lakes today. So while anglers all over the state can
go fishing just for leisure, they also have a chance of putting
their name in a record book.

Species eligible for spots in the lake records book include blue,
channel and flathead catfish and largemouth, smallmouth and spotted
bass in addition to crappie, paddlefish, striped bass, striped bass
hybrids, sunfish (combined) walleye/saugeye and white bass. Minimum
weights are set for each species and are detailed on the Wildlife
Department’s Web site at wildlifedepartment.com.

Anglers who catch a potential record from a participating lake
should contact designated business locations around the lake that
are enrolled as lake record keepers. A listing of official lake
record keepers is available on wildlifedepartment.com.

Once it has been determined that an angler has landed a record
fish, the media is notified and the public will be able to view
information about the catch on the Wildlife Department’s Web site
at wildlifedepartment.com.

An easily-operated search feature is available on the website that
allows those interested to view a wealth of lake record fish
information, ranging from the size of record fish caught to what
kind of bait or rod and reel was used to catch them.

All past and current state record fish are registered in the lake
record fish program as records for their respective lakes.

For more information about the lake record fish program, or for
more on bass fishing in Oklahoma, log on to

Recent Lake Records

Lake: Grand

Species: spotted bass

Weight: 2.9 lbs.

Angler: Troy Enmeier

Date caught: April 2, 2011

Photo and more information:

Lake: Broken Bow

Species: striped bass hybrid

Weight: 10.2 lbs.

Angler: Timothy Rothstein

Date caught: April 16, 2011

Photo and more information:

Lake: Okmulgee

Species: largemouth bass

Weight: 7.9 lbs.

Angler: Kyle Doke

Date caught: March 4, 2011

Photo and more information:

Lake: Arbuckle

Species: flathead catfish

Weight: 50.9 lbs.

Angler: Charlie Hayship

Date caught: April 6, 2011

Photo and more information:

Lake: Arbuckle

Species: channel catfish

Weight: 19 lbs.

Angler: Eddie Tedder

Date caught: April 9, 2011

Photo and more information:

Lake: Keystone

Species: blue catfish

Weight: 64.6 lbs.

Angler: Willard Allen Wilkins

Date caught: April 14, 2011

Photo and more information:

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