Second ‘monster’ buck shot in Adams County

Could be one of largest typicals taken anywhere
in the country this year

By Mike Wilson Contributing Writer

Arcanum, Ohio — Another huge whitetail has been taken in Adams

Justin Metzner, who’s from Darke County, arrowed the buck on
public land near Brush Creek in the southwest Ohio county on Oct.

Rick Busse, who owns Busse’s Wildlife Studio in Piqua, scored
the trophy for Metzner the next day. Busse said he only needed a
glance at the 13-point monster to know it was something

“Well, I saw it the next day after Metzner shot it and the
second I looked I was in awe,” he said. “Heck, it had G-2s that
were 15 3/8 and 14 5/8. The inside width was 20 inches. It was a
10-point frame with three stickers – just a tremendous buck.”

Busse and Buckeye Big Bucks scorer Randy Clark worked together
to score the buck. According to the two, the whitetail green-scored
2075/8 gross.

“I believe it will net between 196 and 197, and I would be
willing to bet this buck will be in the top 15 all-time typical
archery bucks,” Busse said. “If the left beam matched the right
beam and he was clean with no stickers, it’s a world record

Busse knows a little bit about big bucks; he mounted Mike
Beatty’s world-record archery buck taken in Greene County during
the 2000 bow season.

“A lot of big deer in Ohio end up in my shop,” Busse said. “It’s
weird, I don’t know.”

He said Metzner’s buck is so impressive because it is, first of
all, a typical buck, and second, it is a basic 10-point.

“Mike Beatty’s buck, as everyone knows, was just an awesome,
incredible nontypical,” Busse said. “This buck is an awesome
typical. For a buck to score in the 190s as a main frame 10-point
is extremely rare. Remarkable.”

According to Busse, the 28-year-old Metzner had hunted with a
crossbow for 14 years before switching to a compound bow this

“He’s (Metzner) hunted in Adams County for years and just this
year decided to try a compound bow. What a deer to get with a
compound your first season,” Busse said.

Ohio Outdoor News was unable to reach Metzner for this

In an interview with The Dayton Daily News, Metzner said “I knew
it was a big one, but I didn’t know how big until after I’d hit it.
When I got down from my treestand and took a look at it, I was
really surprised.”

Time and official scoring will determine how high the Metzner
buck climbs in the Ohio record books. Still, it will undoubtedly be
one of the best bucks taken in this, or any other archery season
across the country this year.

“This is a world-class typical any way you slice it,” Busse
said. “It might be the biggest typical taken with a bow in the
country this year. It’s got a very good chance.”

Todd Haines, district manager for the DNR Division of Wildlife
in southwest Ohio, said growing conditions obviously have been
favorable for the region’s deer population.

“In Adams, and even Brown and Highland (counties) we definitely
have the habitat to get this kind of age category,” Haines said.
“But, I would have not expected another 190-class non-typical out
of Ohio for a few years,” such as the Schmucker buck (Ohio Outdoor
News, Oct. 27). “And then to have a deer that’s almost 200 inches
typical, too, wow.”

Busse said he expects Metzner’s buck to be talked about much
like Beatty’s has been for a few years now.

“What can you say about Ohio?” Busse asked. “Adams County is
going to have a big neon sign over it.”

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