Aberdeen, S.D. Warm weather late last week pushed strong numbers of lesser snow geese and other waterfowl into eastern South Dakota and to a lesser extend, southwestern Minnesota.

Dave Trauba, manager at the Lac qui Parle Wildlife Management
Area near Watson, reported Tuesday that his staff has seen large
numbers of Canada and white-fronted geese in the area. Snow geese
were in the area but in smaller numbers. Cold temperatures on
Monday stalled birds in the area, but he suspected that forecasted
southerly winds would jump-start the push north. Only lesser snow
geese and Ross’ are opened to hunting as part of the federal
conservation order.

At the Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge northeast of Aberdeen,
refuge staff reported that the migration had “just started” with
100,000 lesser snow geese on the refuge. Southern South Dakota is
reporting a massive influx of birds. For updates in South Dakota,
call the Snow Goose Hotline at (605) 885-6401. Rob Drieslein

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