Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Sheds from potential record moose found

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Somewhere in Minnesota’s northwoods walks a monstrous moose.
Earlier this year, Jim Ceglar, of Aurora, found two massive antlers
at an undisclosed location; they should set the world record for
recovered moose sheds.

Moose calling expert Mark Braaten of Duluth, who visited Ceglar
and photographed the antlers, reports the right one weighs 31
pounds and scores 86, while the left one weighs 30 pounds and
scores 85. The gross score was 171, with a net of 1634/8. Each
antler has 17 points. The current record moose shed antlers score
150 and were found in Nova Scotia.

If and when someone legally kills the moose, it likely would be
a Minnesota state record for harvest, Braaten said. Larger live
record moose have been taken elsewhere, he said.

Ceglar found the left antler in February and the right one in
April, says Braaten. He will not reveal the location of the find,
but it is within a zone open to moose hunting. Ceglar also has the
right antler from the previous year, which weighed 23 pounds, as
well as partially decomposed antler.

Braaten says he hopes to display the antlers in his booth at
Game Fair in August.

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