Winnipeg Canadian news services report that a record-sized black bear was struck by a car in Manitoba on Aug. 30. Provincial wildlife officials say the bear weighed 856 pounds five days after it died. They estimate it had lost at least 30 pounds in body

Although record books measure bears by skull size rather than
weight, Manitoba officials believe this may be the heaviest black
bear ever reported. A bear weighing 880 pounds was killed in North
Carolina in 1998. The Manitoba bear was struck near a garbage dump
along Lake Winnipeg by Steven Fontaine, who was driving a 1986
Mazda 626. After the collision, the bear lifted the car off itself
and walked into the woods, where a conservation officer dispatched
it an hour later. It was killed on a holiday weekend, so officials
could not weigh the animal for several days. Shawn Perich

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