District 9 – Glenwood area

Officer Chuck Nelson (Paynesville) finished up on the youth
snowmobile safety classes in the area.

Officer Kurt Nelson (Appleton) spent time working the Glenwood
station for fishing and snowmobiling activity. Some arrests were
made for both those activities.

Officer Neil Henriksen (Benson) spent the week working predator
hunters and snowmobilers.

Officer Bruce Nelson (Ortonville) had his weekly radio show.

District 10 – Hutchinson area

Officer Nate Barrington (Hutchinson-East) worked on a solid
waste investigation with assistance from local government
officials, spoke at a local high school, and worked on an
investigation regarding the illegal filling of a wetland.

Officer Jon Thoreson (Redwood Falls) investigated complaints of
dogs chasing deer.

Officer Mike O’Brien (New London) gave a talk at New
London-Spicer High School, and inspected area lake aeration systems
for proper warning signs.

District 11 – Marshall area

CO Michael Gruhlke (Jackson) gave a presentation to a Boy Scout
group on ice safety. A complaint of dogs chasing deer was

Officers Tim Jenniges, Joel Mikle, Mike Gruhlke, COCs Boyum and
Howe worked another snowmobile detail in Jackson and Cottonwood
counties. In both details, enforcement action was taken for
speeding, failing to display registration, failing to stop before
crossing roads, allowing illegal operation and operating
snowmobiles in a state wildlife management area.

CO Doug Lage (Marshall) cited a person for chasing a coyote on a

CO Tim Jenniges (Windom) and COC Mitch Boyum checked fishermen
on Talcot, Bingham and Cottonwood lakes. They also inspected
aeration systems and notified overseers of some signs down so they
could correct the situation.

CO Wally Augeson (Marshall) reports an opossum complaint was
received from a party in Garvin.

District 12 – Mankato area

CO Jim Steffen (Mankato) concentrated enforcement efforts on
snowmobile activity. He participated in several work crews focusing
on snowmobiles. Steffen made one arrest for SWI where it was the
operator’s 8th DWI arrest. Two snowmobiles fled from the officer.
The incident is under investigation.

CO Joe Fritz (Faribault) organized two work crews in the Rice
County area, focusing on snowmobile activity. The Friday night
effort resulted in two SWI arrests and multiple other violations.
The Sunday afternoon work crew detected 25 speeding snowmobiles and
multiple other violations.

The Albert Lea CO is involved with field training duties with
COC Vang Lee. The officers participated in several snowmobile work
crews. The officers made two SWI arrests where the operators had
three prior DWI convictions. One of the operators also possessed
marijuana, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia. The officers
also observed a vehicle traveling on I35 with a large number of
mallard ducks. The person had 32 mallards, mostly drakes.
Enforcement action was taken and the ducks seized.

District 13 – Brainerd area

CO Randy Posner (Brainerd) helped with a wild turkey release in
Crow Wing County.

CO Tony Arhart (Aitkin) investigated dogs chasing deer, and
finished cub bear shooting investigations.

CO Karl Hadrits (Crosby) appeared in court regarding deer hunter
trespass on posted lands. Two defendants were found guilty, and
paid $330 in fines. He also investigated and took enforcement
action for fishing and snowmobile trespass; for dogs chasing deer;
for extra lines; and for illegal youth snowmobile operation.

The Cross Lake CO took enforcement action on excessive
snowmobile speeds. The highest speed detected was 89 mph.

District 14 – St. Cloud area

Officer Kathy Larson (Little Falls) reports complaints of dogs
chasing deer, individuals burning garbage, and snowmobilers
trespassing on agriculture land. Larson also gave a snowmobile
safety talk to 30 students at a class in Little Falls and assisted
another district officer with snowmobile enforcement over the
weekend. During the week, Larson handled commercial violations
dealing with a game farm and a taxidermist.

Conservation Officer Candidate Neil Freborg continues his field
training in the district and reports light activity with both
fishermen and snowmobiles. Freborg took enforcement action for a
locked fish house door, no fish house license, no snowmobile
registration, and snowmobiles riding against traffic at night.

Officer Gary Sommers (Long Prairie) reports investigating a TIP
call involving a fishing violation, and worked complaints of
snowmobile trespass in the area. Officer Sommers awarded three
volunteer instructors from Grey Eagle with length-of-service
awards, one for 10 years and two for 30 years. Other reports
include a conviction in Todd County for an individual hunting
intoxicated. The sentence handed down was a $400 fine, two years
probation, chemical dependency assessment, loss of firearm, and
five-year revocation of hunting privileges.

Officer Jeff Halverson (Staples) reports complaints of coyote
hunters trespassing in the area.

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