Jeff Frischkorn

Bald eagle nest a touchy subject for new development

Only federally recognized Native American tribes may possess any part of a bald or golden eagle.Kirtland Hills, Ohio — If horses ever will have the run of a new high-end planned community in Lake County’s Kirtland Hills Village, then American bald eagles will continue to soar above the proposed equine-related project. In fact, the eagles are already homesteaders on a…

Steelie stocks shifting

Ohio Division of Wildlife has had to use its “Plan B” for the agency’s steelhead fisheries program in 2015 and 2016, and might again in 2017 if Michigan’s Little Manistee strain of steelhead trout remain uncooperative.

Bonus gun kill on par with last year

Athens, Ohio — Add an asterisk to the 9,228 total for Ohio’s just-concluded two-day so-named “bonus” firearms deer-hunting kill. While the final figure for the two-day hunt is almost a mirror image of that for 2015 – which was 9,447 animals – it must be remembered that the latter’s two-day hunt was held during the week on a Monday and…