Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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Pro tip of the week with Tyler Brasel

It’s funny how much variance there can be among anglers on Upper Red. They can be fairly close to each other while one group is hammering walleyes on dead sticks and another nearby group can be having all of their success on jigs.

This time of year on Upper Red Lake, if one technique isn’t working, focus on another. For that matter, when the bite gets hot, sometimes it pays to just worry about fishing with only one line.

Besides, those bites can be a little chaotic, especially when anglers fish two lines close to each other. You can end up with time-stealing tangles that do not take advantage of those otherwise opportune times. So, maybe consider moving those two lines apart from each other if there is room inside your shelter. Or remove the chance that you’ll end up with a bad tangle smack dab during the best bite of the day. Fewer lines can mean more fish.

Brasel is one-half of the father-son duo known as Bear Paw Guides on Upper Red Lake. Get more details about Bear Paw Guides at or reach him at (218) 647-8562.

Years of guiding experience: 10

Favorite lake: Upper Red

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