Is there such a thing as good fires?

8 29 Fires
Managing prescribed burns often requires neighbors helping one another with the project. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

Good fences make good neighbors, an old adage says.

Maybe building good fences would make even better neighbors, especially if the work were done together by the two, or more, neighbors.

There are other once-a-year tasks that could do the same, including helping neighbors with prescribed burns.

While these ecosystem-managing practices, either spring or fall burns, may require a fire manager, there’s a need for several volunteers to watch the burn.

Burning prairies, mostly, has some interesting qualities most have not seen, felt, or even heard.  Once in a while various animals run, fly, crawl or scamper to stay clear of the heat and flames.

Supposedly fires were used for that very purpose centuries back by native Americans.

At most these burns would be planned annually, or less often.  The time commitment is not great.

Who knows, annual burns could develop into deer drives or other cooperative neighborhood labors.

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