Outdoor News Radio – August 6, 2022: A monster king salmon … and when monkeys attack

Beaucoup headlines in this week’s Outdoor News Radio, including a Rush Creek trout kill discussion with Editor Tim Spielman along with chatter about Minnesota’s spring duck survey (down a bit from 2019) and the new North American Grasslands Conservation Act. Then “Tackle” Terry Tuma (or “T3” as he’s affectionately known to anglers across the country) joins host and Publisher Rob Drieslein to offer fishing insight during the dry summer of 2022, then he pitches some maverick late-summer panfish and crappie tactics. (Hint … big crankbaits!?) The back half of the show is off to the races with Tim Lesmeister and a host of topics, including his recent tour of the Federal Custom Shop in Anoka, a huge Lake Michigan king salmon that a Minnesota kid caught, feedback from the recent ICAST fishing industry show, some letters to the editor controversy, and when monkeys attack civilians in Japan.

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