Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – July 1, 2022


Woodruff Team/May

Warden Tim Price, of Eagle River, issued a third citation to a person for illegally feeding deer in Vilas County. The person had previously been cited after placing 500 pounds of commercial deer feed and again after placing 500 pounds of soybeans. Most recently, the person was found to have been placing roughly 400 pounds of commercial deer feed each week. 

Wardens Ebert and Heath Hampton were patrolling on the Willow Flowage in Oneida County when they came across evidence of drug activity at one of the water-access campsites. The wardens found two individuals were in possession of drug and drug paraphernalia. Enforcement actions were taken.

Wardens Tim Otto, of Rhinelander, and Ebert, assisted the Oneida County Sheriff’s Department on a call of an intoxicated person shooting a rifle out of a vehicle as he left a local tavern. Otto, while responding with his squad truck’s lights and siren activated, came upon a vehicle with a long gun pointed out the passenger side window while traveling on the roadway. While behind this vehicle, Otto saw and heard the subject discharge the firearm from the moving vehicle. Otto and responding Oneida County deputies were able to take the person into custody without incident.

Wardens Otto and Hampton investigated a call of a person hunting deer without a license as they were revoked from non-payment of child-support. The wardens found several instances where the person bought licenses while revoked, several instances of fishing while revoked, instances of hunting while revoked, hunting without licenses, and failing to register harvested animals. Multiple enforcement actions were taken.

Park Falls Team/May

Wardens Dylan Belisle, of Ladysmith, and Tim Aspenson observed an individual using a cast net on the Chippewa River in Rusk County. The wardens contacted the individual, who said the cast net was to catch bait fish to then use for catfishing. The individual was advised of the laws of using cast nets and enforcement action was taken. 

Wardens Belisle and Aspenson responded to the scene of a truck and tractor/planter accident that occurred the night before in Rusk County. The truck collided with the planter while crossing a narrow bridge. The collision caused fertilizer and seed to spill into the creek. 

On the evening prior to the fishing opener, warden Kurt Haas, of Medford, contacted two individuals who exited their boat and were walking back to a cabin on a Taylor County lake. Upon contact, the two men stated they hadn’t caught anything and had no fish on their boat. When asked to look inside the livewell, the men remembered they had a walleye inside, which was dead. When Haas opened the livewell, the walleye was lively. The walleye was undersized and possessed prior to the open season. 


Green Bay Team / May

Warden Amanda Kretschmer, of Green Bay, responded to citizen calls of a property owner in Ashwaubenon said to be trapping, shooting and killing hawks to protect his pigeons on his property. After months of investigation by Kretschmer and warden Collin Sherod, of Green Bay, the man admitted to shooting and killing hawks to protect the pigeons, which is his private business.

Wardens Sherod and Marcus Medina took enforcement actions against four people fishing without licenses below the Clarks Mills dam in Manitowoc County. One man had a felony warrant out of Dodge County. The wardens took that man into custody. He was transported by a Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department deputy.

Wardens Sherod and Kretschmer were patrolling the Fox River when they observed a boat with expired registration. The boat had been purchased in 2021, the registration was not transferred and the battery terminals were not covered. Enforcement action was taken and the wardens followed the boat to shore as the boat could not be on the water until it was registered. A male passenger who had appeared to be under the influence started operating the boat. Field sobriety tests were conducted at the boat landing and the operator was arrested for boat OWI. Wardens also found the operator had nine prior vehicle OWIs and had violated a probation rule.

Warden Marcus Medina, of Green Bay, and Tim Werner, of Crivitz, contacted a fisherman who was found to be using an illegally sized smallmouth bass as bait. The man was likely using the smallmouth as muskie bait. At the time, muskie season was closed.

Wardens Medina and Sherod were patrolling Manitowoc County above the Cato Falls dam and contacted a group of anglers. One person provided a false name. It was then found the man had a felony warrant for a vehicular fleeing and eluding charge. He was positively identified and arrested.

Marine Enforcement Team/May 

Wardens Jeff Lautenslager, of Marinette, and Luke Polzin were on patrol when advised of a recent theft, and assisted the Oconto County Sheriff’s Department in stopping the suspect’s vehicle. The officers confirmed the vehicle’s operator was the thief and also was found to have an arrest warrant. In addition to the stolen items, multiple drugs and drug paraphernalia were found.

Wardens Erik Anderson and Adam Strehlow, both of Milwaukee, patrolled the Milwaukee River during the Milwaukee Bucks’ NBA playoffs. After one game, there were multiple shots fired calls in and around the Deer District near the Fiserv Forum. Wardens and Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) Harbor Patrol officers heard a series of gunshots close to their location. The wardens responded to assist MPD with crowd control, injury triage and first aid. Three separate shooting incidents left 21 injured.

Warden Travis Sindles, of Kenosha, while at Pershing Park in Racine, saw a person walking from a flock of geese and goslings. Once the person saw Sindles, the person tossed a gosling onto the ground and ran. After a short run, the person stopped for the stated reason of wanting to avoid trouble while being on probation.

Peshtigo Team/May

Warden Mark Schraufnagel, of Shawano, investigated a call of a raccoon found dead in a trap. Schraufnagel located the responsible party. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Schraufnagel responded to a request from the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department to help locate a person who allegedly pointed a handgun at another party in a park. Schraufnagel responded, but the person was gone. Schraufnagel collected witness information and assisted deputies in checking the area.

Wardens Paul Hartrick, of Oconto Falls, and Evan Fox patrolled Townsend and observed a UTV being operating on a road with an individual illegally sitting in the cargo box. The operator was arrested for OWI.

While working trout fishing enforcement, warden Tim Werner, of Crivitz, contacted an angler on the Pike River who was in possession of his limit. Werner also located three more trout hidden in compartments on the kayak. Those trout all were undersized. 

Warden Werner was on patrol on Parkway Road when he observed an ATV being operated in a careless manner. The operator then turned down a service road closed to motor vehicles. Werner determined the operator was under the influence of alcohol. The operator was arrested for ATV OWI. 

Lake Winnebago Team/May

Wardens Zack Seitz, of Shiocton, and Mary Bisch, of Appleton, responded to a call of an individual who was double-tripping on walleyes. Seitz contacted the individual after his second trip of the day and found that he were over their daily bag limit.

Warden Seitz arrested two individuals for boating OWI on the Wolf River.

Warden Michael Disher, of Chilton, investigated complaints of illegal turkey baiting. Several suspects were contacted hunting from a blind that was illegally baited in 2021 and again in 2022.

Warden Disher patrolled High Cliff State Park and conducted traffic stops for a suspended driver’s license, being in the park after hours, and no park admission decals. In one instance, a driver was stopped after a young child was seen hanging out the back window of the vehicle. The driver had no valid driver’s license (third offense), no insurance, and the child was not strapped into his car seat. In another instance, illegal drugs were recovered from a vehicle.

Warden Michael Disher worked ATV/UTV road routes in Calumet County. Traffic stops were made for no headlights, no seatbelts, no helmets, riding double, expired decals, and no license plates. One operator had failed to transfer his registration.

Warden Disher patrolled the Manitowoc River and encountered three anglers keeping northern pike. Two of the anglers did not have licenses, one angler had two undersized pike on a stringer, and the license plates on the vehicle were falsely displayed (belonged to a different vehicle).


Lower Chippewa Team/May

Wardens Clayton Peters and Richard Maki, both of Chippewa County, contacted two anglers as they were leaving a spot below a dam on the Chippewa River who were in possession of a short walleye. The parties provided information about illegal activity of another fishing group that was, in turn, in possession of illegal sized walleyes and group bagging. Fish were released alive. 

Wardens Ryan Lowry, of Eau Claire County, and Kevin Christorf, of Clark County, were patrolling along Hay Creek Road near Rock Dam in Clark County. They observed an ATV traveling 22 mph over the speed limit. The operator did not possess ATV safety, did not have proper registration, and was operating while intoxicated. The operator was arrested.

Warden Richard Maki contacted an individual removing a fish trap from Duncan Creek. The trap was not marked, as required. The individual also was revoked for all DNR privileges and did not have a license.

Warden Maki, while working trout enforcement, contacted two anglers fishing on Duncan Creek south of Bloomer. The individuals were over their possession limit and had one brown trout that was undersized for that section of the creek.

Warden Maki was contacted by the hotline regarding individuals refusing to leave a site at Lake Wissota State Park, thereby preventing the registered campers from using their site. The individuals were being disorderly with the camp host. Maki and a Chippewa County deputy assisted with changing their flat tire and evicted them from the park. The individuals left garbage burning in the camp ring and strewn garbage all over into the bushes, as well as smashed eggs all over the site. Enforcement actions were taken.

Warden Maki contacted a trout fisherman on Hay Creek in Chippewa County who had five brook trout, as well as marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Maki escorted the man back to where he had been throwing fish and found five dead brook trout, putting him at 10, double the daily bag.

Lower St. Croix Team/May

Wardens Madison Bryan, of St. Croix, County, and Chuck Wincek, of Pierce County, responded to a call of two individuals overdosing on an unknown drug. It was determined the two adults ate an excessive amount of THC gummies. Both subjects were transported to a local hospital.

Wardens Wincek and Kosin contacted an individual going greater than no-wake speed in a no-wake zone. The individual did not have any wearable PFDs on the boat.

Warden Joe McMahon, of Pierce County, investigated a turkey road hunting call from Trempealeau County. McMahon identified three individuals hunting turkeys without required licenses, hunting within 50 feet of the road center, and shooting from a vehicle.

Warden McMahon was patrolling Willow River State Park when he stopped at a loud campsite. He located marijuana and drug paraphernalia on the picnic table. The individual responsible provided a false name.

Wardens McMahon and Paul Sickman, of St. Croix County, and a St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department deputy patrolled the
St. Croix River and issued violations of operating greater than no-wake due to high water, lack of life jackets on board and drug use.

Warden McMahon was patrolling state fishing access lots at night and came upon persons inside two parked vehicles who were in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

Warden J.J. Redemann, of Dunn County, followed up on an illegal deer hunting case in May. One investigation revealed a man and his family shot at least four deer in the fall of 2021, but only one was registered. Redemann also found one deer was shot by a person who did not have a hunting license.

Warden Redemann and a Dunn County deputy responded to an illegal camping call at the Dobb’s Landing on the Red Cedar River. Two 18-year-olds were kicked out of their grandmother’s house and decided to take up residence in a tent on the public property. They also illegally operated their vehicle into the interior of the property. 

Black River Falls Team/May

Warden Michael Weber, of Mauston, and Juneau County deputies responded to a roll-over ATV accident involving a single rider. Officers found that the ATV was not registered and that it did not have a rear plate, as required. Officers also charged the rider with operating an ATV while under the influence.

Warden Weber contacted three people at Buckhorn State Park who had illegally camped without registering and paying for the campsite. Weber found they also were in possession of cannabis edibles and had alcohol, even though they were underage. Also, the driver had been operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license.

Warden Weber issued multiple citations to a man who hunted with a crossbow over bait (corn and apples) during the 2021 archery season on private land in Juneau County. Weber found the individual had also placed bait on public land nearby during the same season. The same individual harvested two bucks with a crossbow during the 2020 archery season and illegally used a relative member’s harvest authorization for one of the bucks.

Warden Patrick Seybert, of Tomah, investigated a call of a gravity feeder on private land in Monroe County. The feeder had been filled with corn for months. Multiple deer registration violations also were found.

Mississippi River Team/May

Warden Dale Hochhausen, of Onalaska, and a DNR private water supply specialist met with an unlicensed well driller and pump installation business. A minimum of 17 pump installations had been done without the business being properly licensed to perform the work.

Warden Hochhausen and a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officer were on joint patrol at Lake Onalaska when they contacted a person with a fishing license. The officers then determined the person also didn’t register the two turkeys the person had harvested in 2021 and 2022.

Warden Hochhausen received a call regarding a bald eagle that was hit by an airplane at the La Crosse Regional Airport. Airport staff caught the eagle, which had a broken wing. When Hochhausen arrived at the airport firehouse building, the eagle had freed itself and was roaming around inside the building. Hochhausen recaptured the eagle and turned it over to staff from the Raptor Center in St. Paul, Minn. This was the third eagle hit by an airplane this spring.

Warden Trevor Tracey, of Stoddard, contacted a person fly-fishing on the North Fork of the Bad Axe River who was in possession of 12 brown trout. The person had been fishing in Minnesota the two days prior to being contacted. During those two previous days, the man caught more than his possession limit of five brown trout while fishing Minnesota streams. He was in violation of the Minnesota possession limit and bringing the illegal fish across the border from Minnesota into Wisconsin.

Warden Tracey received calls of anglers overbagging on shovelnose sturgeon near lock and dam No. 8 in Genoa. Tracey issued citations to two individuals – one for keeping more than his daily bag limit of shovelnose sturgeon, the other for fishing with too many lines in Minnesota water.

Wardens Meghan Jensen, of Trempealeau, and Tyler Strelow were on patrol on state-owned property in Trempealeau County when they observed a motor vehicle being operated with expired registration. Enforcement actions were taken for: driving with a revoked license; operating without an ignition interlock device installed; and operating without vehicle insurance.

Warden Jensen and an officer with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service were on patrol when they contacted an individual working on a fishing pole at a popular shore fishing area. The man initially said his child was fishing, too. After he could not locate a child, the man said there was no child along. The man was in possession of illegal drugs and paraphernalia and was named in a warrant for arrest. He was turned over to the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Department. 

Wardens Jensen and Tracey were on Pool 9 when they contacted a group of individuals fishing from shore. Two anglers did not have fishing licenses and the group was in possession of two illegal-sized bass. The wardens gave the two individuals an opportunity to buy a fishing license, which they did, and enforcement action was taken for the undersized fish.

Wardens Shawna McDowell, of Viroqua, and Strelow checked two men who were illegally fishing with live bait before the opener for trout. They had been turkey hunting earlier and it was found one of the individuals had been hunting in the wrong zone and initially lied about it when contacted by the wardens.

Warden Bob Jumbeck, of Alma, investigated the illegal harvest of a fox and unsafe discharge of a firearm complaint. The individual was found to have shot a fox that was on the opposite side of a county road in a residential area. The shooter was upset with the fox for digging in the yard.

Wardens Jumbeck and Hochhausen investigated a case where an individual dumped wild turkey breast meat in a ditch. It was learned the shooter harvested the bird during the fourth season and had not registered it.

Wardens Cody Adams, of Prairie du Chien, and Mike Williams, of Richland Center, were working opening day of the trout season in Richland County and contacted a man who did not have a fishing license or a trout stamp, but who did have a felony warrant out for his arrest in Richland County. The man was arrested, taken to jail and a citation was issued for fishing without a license.

Wardens Adams and Todd Ollerich identified illegally set bank poles on the Kickapoo River. The wardens determined a local man was illegally running numerous untagged bank poles. They also determined the man had illegally harvested an antlerless deer with his bow during the 2021 archery season and had a friend register the deer.

Wardens Matt Groppi, of La Crosse, and Strelow patrolled Lake Neshonoc and the
La Crosse River in West Salem. The wardens issued citations for no license and an undersized bass. The person with the undersized bass had seven prior DNR citations. The person who did not have a license initially denied fishing, but later admitted to fishing when the wardens determined there were four fishing lines between the two persons.

Wardens Groppi and Hochhausen were on Pool 8 of the Mississippi River and contacted a boater whose registration expired in 2006. The boater said he bought the boat last fall and did not transfer the registration. The man was previously cited for failure to register a boat. He also said registration of all his vehicles should not be required since he owns many. A citation was issued for operating with expired registration.

Warden Groppi was on teamed fishing patrol with a Minnesota conservation officer at Pool 8 of the Mississippi River. The wardens contacted an individual who Groppi and Hochhausen had cited last year for illegally killing a deer with an air rifle (during the archery season). 

The individual’s hunting and fishing privileges were revoked from that incident, and he was continuing to fish while revoked and without a license.

Wisconsin River Team/May

Warden Bryan Lockman, of Stevens Point, was contacted by a Portage County resident who found a dead armadillo in the yard. No one knows how the critter hitch-hiked from the southern United States to Portage County, but it likely died due to exposure during the overnight freezing conditions.

Warden Bryan Lockman gave a law talk to the UW-Stevens Point Backcountry Hunt & Angler Chapter’s first learn to hunt event at the Isaak Walton League Conservation Club. 

Warden Nicholas Hefter, of Stevens Point, got a call of a turkey hunter shooting another hunter’s decoy. The decoy was on private land and had real feathers. The hunter on private land was seated only a few yards away from his decoy. The hunter who shot the decoy was on public land. The hunter was unharmed.

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